Friday, September 18, 2015

Come back, Anna!

Anna - - very kindly brought me these fabrics to add to my stash. I've always loved the combination of blue and mushroom - she must be psychic. They were all nicely tied up but I washed them so that they wouldn't shrink any more (because that's what Anna does and I always try to follow her instructions) and they're now slightly less neat than they were when she presented them. Anna is a crafting genius and makes quilts of great beauty, unlike the beginner's things that I produce.
She also gave me this Anna-made little pouch for keeping sewing-related items in. Isn't it lovely?

The fabric is a map of New York.

And some genuine sewing-related items to put in it.

Thanks so much, Anna!

I needed her over the last couple of days but she'd heartlessly gone back to the US. I've been putting the binding on the quilt that I've been doing on and off for most of the year (not that it's complicated; just that I'm slow) and while the previous bindings have gone on without much difficulty, this one required a bit of unpicking once sewn on because the quilt was slightly puckered where I'd made the final join in the binding. This was because the final join was a tiny bit inaccurate, so that the binding was fractionally shorter than the quilt. It was barely noticeable, but if you've spent many hours cutting up, sewing together and then hand-quilting, you don't want to be forever annoyed by puckers. Then once I'd unpicked that bit of binding, made it slightly longer and done the final join again, the join itself threatened to be a bit wonky. Anyway, after much fiddling, I've beaten it into submission. Is this a good use of my dwindling number of years, I ask myself?

When I've finished hand-sewing the binding on to the back, a peaceful task which even I can't mess up... I hope... the annoyance will probably have receded.

I shall never understand how Lynley  of can make a new quilt every weekend, more or less. She must be superhuman.


  1. If I had to quilt to save my life, I would not survive. I admire anyone with the eye and patience for it.

  2. Ah......but just think of the satisfaction when your quilt is all finished, and is ready to be admired!

  3. Hahaha -- you're just too funny! Yes, this is an excellent use of your dwindling years -- at least that's what I tell myself in my attempt to use up my ridiculous stash. I'd be back there in a second if only I could. TheManoftheHouse is very unsympathetic to our plight though. Perhaps we could live together in the retirement home. We'll just need three rooms -- one for you, one for me, and one for our fabric. ;-8 Oh! And I can't wait to see your quilt with the binding on!!!

  4. Anonymous7:23 pm

    I am with Margaret!