Saturday, October 24, 2015

Autumn walk

It's been such a beautiful autumn: weeks of still, mild weather with all-day sunshine. I've kept meaning to take pictures of the autumn colours, which have been particularly good this year, but didn't get around to it till yesterday, which was suddenly blustery so that many of the leaves were blown off the trees (which is what usually happens, in windy Scotland, much earlier).

We went for a walk by the river in Stockbridge, which is about a mile from the city centre, though feels quite rural.

The nettles are still flourishing. Once the human race has been wiped out, nettles will take over. A world full of nettles; and slugs. I don't think I'd be too sorry to miss it.

I would quite like to see around this house, with its sunrooms overlooking the river - I suspect it's actually several houses.

Here's the evidence of how dry it's been this summer and autumn - the river level is very low. Where I was standing is usually underwater.


Red! (and blurred, because of the wind).

Then we went back up into the New (18th century) Town,

and I admired the way the owners of this posh flat have made a garden out of their front step.


  1. Anonymous6:31 pm

    Autumn seems to have started rather late here but the trees are now in full red and gold livery which looks splendid when the sun shines on it.

    I do like the last doorway, it is very spacious.

  2. I want to come to Scotland! When I come, can you guarantee a beautiful autumn for me? ;)

    1. No! Sorry! I would come in June, July or August if I were you...

  3. Haha -- I'm laughing at your advice to Margaret. Imho, ANYtime is the perfect time to go to Scotland -- you'll be in SCOTLAND!!! ;-D It's amazing how dry your past few months have been. I guess that would explain why it was so beautiful when I was there!

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