Thursday, October 15, 2015


Grandson stayed with us on Tuesday night. He was due to be taken home the following day at 2.30 but he phoned his mum to ask if he could stay on till nearly bedtime because he didn't want to go home yet. Permission was granted.

We went to the playpark. On the way in, we passed a snack van and he asked (nicely) if he could have an ice cream. However, I hadn't brought any money (and anyway, grannies are always nervous about buying their grandchildren unhealthy treats). He accepted this philosophically.

He had a lovely time playing in the park.

Then a lad passed us, carrying a bag of chips (French fries) from the snack van. Mmm, they smelt good.

Grandson: Granny?
Me: Yes?
Grandson: Please do you think you could buy me some chips?
Me: Sorry, but remember I didn't bring any money with me.
Grandson: Oh. You see, chips would cheer me up a bit.
Me: Well, I can't buy chips without money. Anyway, why do you need cheering up?
Grandson: Well... [He gazed round the park, searching for inspiration.] You see that lady over there, with long hair like Mummy?
Me: Yes.
Grandson: Well, when I saw her, I started missing Mummy and that made me sad and so I thought chips would make me feel better.

Oh the innocence of children. So fleeting... .


  1. What a lovely child. I like the way he thinks.

  2. What a clever grandson with his sweet story.

    1. How kind; but I think myself that he was being a bit of a little monkey...

  3. Ooooh, that sounds like a bit of blackmail to me, lol!

  4. Anonymous3:04 pm

    He is still a sweetie though.

  5. That's one clever boy! With a very fabulous Nanny!

  6. Hahaha -- that little N is learning how to work his Granny! SOOO cute! I love that he wanted to stay longer with you too -- that's 'cause you're the FUN Granny!!!