Sunday, November 22, 2015

Still here

Yesterday we walked in the Riccarton estate and it was cold.  Winter has arrived. The sun shone beautifully on the mostly bare trees, though, and the company was good.

Some swans and ducks flocked hopefully towards us. Alas, we didn't bring anything except our sandwiches and everyone knows that bread isn't really very good for birds. That was one reason for our not sacrificing our lunch. This swan, which was just as near to me as it looks, did everything short of unzipping my rucksack to get at my peanut butter sandwiches. If swans had opposable thumbs, my lunch would have been a goner. We felt mean.

And then we plodded on, chatting so much...

... that I hardly noticed how pretty everything was until I looked at the photos.

The bloggy world, or at least my corner of it, has gone very quiet. Possibly lots of new people have taken up blogging but I don't come across them; or maybe it's just gone out of fashion. Some (I know) now favour Facebook, but that's a different animal: lots of short bursts of here-today-gone-tomorrow communications - though I do like Facebook too. I've never really got the hang of Twitter. Many of my bloggy friends still post on their blogs, but only intermittently; and so I've stopped checking so regularly. I miss them.

However, times change. I shall probably continue blogging because I like making this little record of our family life and I'm a bit of a compulsive writer. I keep thinking I might print it out and then I think: more stuff for the children to wonder what to do with, once I'm permanently silenced.


  1. I have become a complete facebook addict and it is immensely vacuous. It is a devourer of time and cerebreal activity alike. In Advent I am hoping not to continue losing my mind. That said, I realise that I am now obsessing about your peanut butter sandwiches. As the most reluctant mother of nut allergy boys, this is a powerful image for a dark Sunday night...

  2. I prefer Blogger to Facebook or Twitter or Tumblr. I use the others because my daughter uses them and so we stay in touch. My blog is a diary for me.

  3. I prefer to blog over FB, but I do both. I don't use Twitter though. We are getting hit with winter too and might even get SNOW next week. Ugh, we are not used to it and it won't be fun, if it comes. A good thing is that forecasters have great difficulty getting a snow forecast correct in the Pacific NW. Our weather is very changeable. :)

  4. You're so funny. I'm right there with you -- things are so quiet not in blogland, but I like the little record that it keeps of projects and life. Plus I love catching up with friends (and their adorable grandchildren! ;-D) I detest facebook -- it's so messy. I find that most of those I follow have gone to Instagram. I like it too, but it's just not the same. I'm so glad that you'll still be around!

    Your photos are beautiful -- I love that you and Mr. Life have your walking groups and I'm VERY envious. I'm afraid I'm guilty of feeding swans bread - I have a hard time denying things that are loved by other beings. I was that way with kids too LOL.

  5. I also post mostly as a record of our family. I think during the winter holidays it is quieter. Perhaps it will pick up after the New Year....I enjoy reading your blog very much and am glad you plan to continue.

  6. I'm back blogging now after a tricky few months and I know what you mean. I would definitely miss your posts!!

    Lesley xx

  7. Anonymous7:46 pm

    I would certainly miss you if you stopped. I don't understand Twitter and I can't use Instagram because I don't have a smart phone; Facebook has its uses but I do prefer to read blogs.

  8. I am not on Facebook or any of the others, too much time wasting on frivolous stuff like what somebody had for breakfast...ughh..
    Like others here, my blogs are exactly what blogs were originally intended to be - an online diary or journal of my activities and interests. Finding people like you was an added bonus of blogging! I love seeing and hearing how people on the other side of the world live.