Friday, November 06, 2015

They're growing up.

It's such a serious business...

... selecting a sticker to put on one's picture.

But it's fun playing with Granny and Grandpa's thirty-six-year-old toys.

I think I can do it.

 I've done it!
I'm a big girl now, but after all that playing I suddenly needed my fluffy and a little rest.

He was here too.

Granny also needed a rest.


  1. My parents have 20 some year old toys from my daughters for their much younger grandchildren to play with. Those old classics never get old. I'm exhausted after spending a few hours with my nephew and niece, especially the nearly 4 year old niece.

  2. They are growing up so quickly, it doesn't seem possible.

  3. I am needing a rest quite often too. She never stops.

  4. Oh, they are wonderful, your grandchildren! Full of life and sweetness. Anytime they are anything else is just the contrast so you can enjoy the good times!

  5. Fluffy! I see Fluffy! And two adorable babes -- how long do you think you can keep up this pace LOL???

  6. Anonymous6:21 pm

    They are simply wonderful children, you are a very lucky woman.