Monday, February 01, 2016

The effects of time

A study...



She'll be 3 next month.

Where does the time go?

Blogger is being peculiar, as happens from time to time. My previous post turned out a bit funny-looking.

Thank you for your new-grandchild congratulations. I can't quite believe that Son, our youngest, is old enough to be a father. However, he'll be nearly 32 when he becomes one, in July/August, so I suppose I'm wrong. How time flies. (This seems to be the highly-unoriginal theme of this post.) 

And Terry Wogan has died, which feels equally unlikely. I fear that David Bowie meant little to me personally - his music never really penetrated my consciousness and probably wasn't my sort of thing - and I'm sure Alan Rickman was splendid but his face was only vaguely familiar to me from "Sense and Sensibility". But Terry Wogan!  That's very sad. On the other hand, I suppose that having a wonderful time till you're 77 and dying before you get dottled (a fine Scottish (I think) word which means confused) is no bad thing really.

I shall now stop musing and start practising the piano. I'm sure that I'll get a lot better at my piece before my lesson tomorrow morning. You think?


  1. Agree about DB, but he did push the boundaries which made it interesting. Alan Rickman, rember him years ago in a Barchester thing, he was dreadful, in the best sense, a creepy smarmy curate. But our Tel, a big gap now is left. Glad it was quick and relatively private too.

    Goodness, get away, three years?

  2. I did mean to offer congratulations on the news of you newest grandchild to come, but it slipped my mind. Time does fly. When I first started reading your blog your grandson was a baby, now he is so grown-up and busy with his cars and your granddaughter is 3, time does indeed fly.

  3. I must have missed your new grandchild news - congratulations! Your Little L is growing, she looks like a very contented child.

  4. Too many actors and musicians are dying and they aren't THAT OLD. I was/am a fan of David B. and Alan Rickman(mainly from Harry Potter). Congrats on the new grandchild in the works. I am hoping for a couple some day. It's not looking promising.

  5. I love the concentration. And many congratulations to all concerned with the newcomer.

  6. Anonymous7:06 pm

    I wish that I could concentrate so well! 3, really? Goodness, how that time has flown.

    Very sad about 'our Tel' he will be greatly missed.

  7. Anonymous7:07 pm

    I forgot to say how much I like your new header.

  8. Tempus fugits, alright. (Three? Really?) The news about Bowie knocked me for six, I must say. His music is the background to many of my memories. And Alan Rickman was a favourite of mine, too. Hope the piano practice paid dividends.