Thursday, February 25, 2016

Filling in the time

I have NO idea why some of my photos are coming out large and some small. I'm just doing them through Picasa Export as usual. Anyway, moving on... it's been the usual week of pleasant but exhausting activity of a nothing-special variety. For example, a small dragon and I baked some cheese scones.

Mr L and I went to this exhibition. It was interesting, but slightly sad in that on the whole, the painters and sculptors were young women who were just getting into their stride when they got married. They then had children and didn't paint or sculpt much more. But at least they could tell themselves that they could have been world-famous if they hadn't been mired in domesticity. I rather liked this young woman, Dorothy Johnstone painted by Anne Finlay.

This is the view from the art gallery: very Edinburghish.

Our walking group did a city walk through parks: here, we're looking down from the Calton Hill, another very Edinburghish view with regrettably Edinburghish weather.

This is known as Edinburgh's Disgrace because reputedly, money ran out at this stage for a memorial to those who died in the Napoleonic Wars. Some say, however, that it was always supposed to look thus: like a ruined Greek temple.

This looks like the country but it isn't: it's Holyrood Park, which surrounds the hills in the middle of the city.

And here we're looking at those same hills from the Figgate Park. I can't express how much I love our hills. Coming back to Edinburgh from holiday, one sees them from a distance and thinks, aaaahhh, home. Wonderful.


And I've sewn these nine-patch squares into strips, getting all the many, many, many corners (what was I thinking of?) to fit together reasonably well, but only with much fiddling about. Now I have to sew the strips together: more corners to line up, with the added complication of the adjustments I've made for the previous stage. How likely is this to be trouble-free? Wish me luck.


  1. What a beautiful place you live in, weather and all! I often feel the same things about Washington State and the Seattle area where I live. (especially when the mountains are out!)

  2. I've just read a book, a murder mystery, set in Edinburgh......Calton Hill was mentioned, and older parts of the town also made an appearance. Your quilt is coming along well!

  3. Your part of the world is truly special. I also love cheese scones and they look really good.

  4. Disregard my previous question -- the quilt is looking wonderful! Now onto the quilting?

    You kill me with these walking posts. Oh how I want to be there and be a part of your walking group! Did you go to the top of the hill at Holyrood Park (why is it that I can't remember the name of that hill???)

    And I do believe that's the cutest little dragon I've ever seen!

  5. Hi Pam, just popped in to catch up on your doings and photos - enjoyed them all as ever, but havén't commented on any, so this will have to do. My life isn't as half as interesting as yours....maybe we should have had kids and therefore grandkids to fill the autumn of our lives, instead of the never ending medical appointments. Think yourselves lucky for being blessed with such good health that you can go on all those wonderful walks!

  6. Good luck - it looks splendid!

  7. I think I would have enjoyed that exhibition.

  8. I know that "Aaaah, home!" feeling - there's a certain bend in the road about 10 miles from where we live where the hills and valleys soften and roll, and we remember why we chose to live here in what is often a rather inconvenient area, transport-wise.

  9. Regarding trouble-free quilting... if there were no difficulties in a project, you wouldn't feel so proud when it's all done and lovely! Enjoy the problem solving - it's looking wonderful so far!