Monday, August 01, 2016


So I went down to London to help Daughter 2, who hasn't been well. I did some weeding and cutting down in the garden,

while she, once she was feeling somewhat better, did some work from home.

One day her friend came to visit with her enormous dog. I don't entirely understand why anyone would choose a large and frankly somewhat gassy dog when they could have a small furry cat. But he's a good natured chap and I guess many people feel the opposite way.

Then Daughter 1, who was in Worcester visiting her in-laws, came down for the day and stayed overnight. So that was nice.

We went for a walk in Epping Forest.

And now I'm back and must, tomorrow, do some weeding in my own garden as we await the news from Son that things are happening: Granddaughter-in-waiting is currently a day late and it would seem to be time that she might appear. But he was on the phone just now, and so far, nothing.


  1. Glad you daughter is better, nothing like Mom coming to help out.

  2. Best Wishes to DIL and son...very exciting time for you all. I hope it goes smoothly and as easily as possible.

  3. Good health and quick babies to you and yours.....

  4. Eagerly awaiting the news. Meanwhile the weeding will distract.

  5. Anonymous5:55 pm

    So nice to see both daughters together. Fingers crossed for a smooth delivery.

  6. Great that you could help out. I'm more of a cat person too, although dogs are more loyal and affectionate for the most part.

  7. I've been away without internet for a week and just now am trying to catch up. So glad daughter number 2 is better and her mother and sister with her. May all be well with the arrival of your new grandchild!