Saturday, August 27, 2016

Time flies like an arrow

It's been a busyish week or so, during which: the children conducted scientific experiments in the paddling pool;

we visited Granddaughter M (and again today. She's so lovely);

Daughter 2 has visited us twice (it was hardly worth her going back to London for four days);

This three-generation-in-a-heap photo was taken (how discouraging that I look about 90, but facts must be faced);

the garden bloomed on and on, belying the shortening days;

(phlox: can't you just smell it?);

Granddaughter L and I went to the museum, where she dressed up in the Explorers room;

(here she seems to be Dr Livingstone wearing a lifejacket and cosy gloves - she was rather warm, hence the rosy cheeks);

Grandson had his first full week AT SCHOOL;

some art happened in the kitchen;

Son-in-Law 1 dressed up in the crawl tunnel, while Granddaughter L wore my shirt and sun hat;

the sun continued to shine. 30 degrees in London, 21 here. I know which I prefer.

And Grandson fetched a torch to look down the hole that my washing whirly line stands in. He didn't find much down there but enjoyed looking.

So: not much spare time really; for which I'm very grateful. What joy these descendants give us.


  1. Your flowers are lovely and the photos wonderful. I was thinking when I saw your picture what beautiful and youthful skin you have! We are always our own worst critics.

  2. Beautiful weather and a beautiful family, what more could you ask for.

  3. I can't believe these babies grown. I can't believe my babies grown. I suppose we have to live the other end of that. Prince Charming and I just discussing how much more clumsy we are now. Sigh and rejoice!

  4. Your life is filled with beauty and people you love! And I believe you know very well you do not look like 90! Your hair is gray, but you DO NOT LOOK LIKE 90! Dear heaven!

  5. What a nice pile of eyes in that three generation photo...

  6. Anonymous6:15 pm

    I did enjoy your new header. I also enjoyed seeing the joy that you all have up there with the little people and each other. You are blessed. x

  7. You are wrinkle-free. Please tells us your secret. Perhaps it is living in a clement climate.
    I hope grandson's enquiring mind is well nurtured at school.

  8. Ohmygosh -- that three-generation-in-a-heap picture is just too cute and you look adorable! Time does indeed fly like an arrow, which is very sad. Looks like you're having a wonderful summer though!

  9. I love the 3-generations-in-a-heap photo. You should frame it.