Saturday, September 17, 2016

Midlothian walk

Today we went for another hike with our walking group in the most beautiful late-summer weather: sunny, warm (but not hot), with a gentle breeze. We started in Pathhead ...

and made our way through the woods, along narrow paths - which were really just trodden-down bits of grass...

and up steep steps and slopes...

with pleasant, verdant views of countryside...

till we got to Crichton Church, which was built between 1440 and 1449. It was stripped of its windows, paintings and much of the mediaeval stone tracery in the Reformation but was restored in 1825.

We then went to inspect Crichton Castle, which dates in part from the 1300s, though had bits added in 1450 and 1580. This hasn't been restored, but is conserved as a ruin.

And then we tramped on down again ...

along more narrow paths

and back into Pathhead.

This house was built in 1680. I don't much care for the colour but I think it's a traditional one for such buildings. The architecture is very much in the vernacular Scottish style.

A lovely day: lots of chat and six-plus fairly challenging miles, with quite a few scrambly bits. Our ages today ranged from 73 down to 7 months!


  1. I am very much enjoying your photos of your walks, although they make me want to visit Scotland. (maybe even in September!)

  2. What a lovely early fall walk. It seems impossible that a building from the 1300s could still be standing. It's fun to think about all the history it has stood to witness.

  3. A beautiful hike through varied landscape - lovely.

  4. It all looks so perfect! That's quite an age range - is the group very big? And the orange-ish building color is perfect for this time of year! :-D

    1. There were maybe 14 of us that day. The entire group numbers about 20, but not everyone can come every time.

  5. Your part of the world is so beautiful, in such a different way to where I am.

  6. Yes, I agree... just lovely! I wish I had a walking group, but have no idea where we would walk.... nothing like your landscape here, and not too many paths to follow. We do have more bike paths, but they are paved. Most are built on old railway lines that have been discontinued. Another blight in our American way.. we should be rebuilding these passenger rail lines! Sigh....