Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Time's moving along

This is the material with which I plan to make a quilt for Mr L. There are three steam train fabrics (and - you know - they're not Thomas The Tank Engine or anything like that; they had to be anatomically accurate) and some other manly designs. Oh, and hedgehogs, elephants and swallows may also form part of the quilt. Hedgehogs because we like them and the others for no particular reason except that they kind of called to me when I saw them in John Lewis the other day. I haven't decided on a design yet but it won't be anything tremendously complicated. I haven't graduated beyond beginnery stuff yet and anyway, Mr L wants to sit under it admiring the trains in their entirety, not little bits of trains. (Actually, I may mean engines, not trains.)

Talking of hedgehogs, Grandson saw this in a cookbook the other day and decided that we had to make it for Mummy's birthday.

So we did.

Much concentration (and a certain amount of chocolate-button-sampling) went into the decoration.

It came out looking slightly as if it had been murdered, but he's only just five. Even Michelangelo had to start somewhere. Mummy was summoned to admire it. She duly did. (Excuse the messy kitchen.)

The garden blooms on and it's still quite warm.

I'm not yet open to the idea that it might be autumn.

Let's call it "summer plus".

Look, it's still sandpit weather.

Does this look like autumn to you?

Well, quite.

Although... the shadows are getting longer, earlier in the day. Still, that's summer plus for you.


  1. Ohmygosh -- that photo of the grandchildren concentrating over the cake is SO adorable! What a cute cake and fun idea -- I'll bet mummy was thrilled! I'm very excited about the train quilt -- I can't wait to see it finished!

  2. I have come to love autumn, although we're having weather in the 70s and low 80s right now. Huh? You call THAT a messy kitchen? Wow, you have obviously never seen mine after a cooking project. :) The cake turned out very well. I doubt that I could do any better!

  3. Well done for a five year old and his even younger assistant! I'm sure the sampling was a cautionary measure. Wouldn't want mum to keel over from sub-par chocolate buttons.
    Having finally finished a grand daughter quilt that was (oh, the shame of it!) three years plus in the making, I too am starting on a new baby quilt. Keeping it simple this time --- no more three year projects! Good luck with your train quilt.
    Looks like you're having a summer extension --- bask while you can!

  4. Your roadkill cake made me laugh. Good on him for wanting to take on such a big baking assignment! As for your 'summer plus', here in Melbourne we are vacillating between spring and winter, so we're calling in 'sprinter' - glimpses and promises of delightful weather followed by wallops of cold and grey and rain.

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  6. I remember making that cake with Daughter when she was small -must find the recipe for Granddaughter. Seem to remember there was a ladybird one as well. Hope Mr L is well.

  7. I love reading your warm and happy blogs. The hedgehog cake looked just great, and your grandchildren are going to remember the wonderful times they had with you, not whether or not the kitchen bench was clear. Your serious little boy is growing up fast - I recall being so impressed by his Roads phase, and your granddaughter has an infectious smile. You must be very proud of them both. We have one son and a 17 month grandson, fortunately living less than a mile away and I appreciate every precious minute with him, knowing these years will slip by all too fast. Oh, and Happy birthday mum!

  8. What fine choices of fabric for Mr. L's quilt! And what a very delicious looking birthday cake for a much loved Mother! I think your grandchildren will have wonderful memories of times with you!

  9. Summer plus it is. Not autumn. Definitely not.
    Impressive cake. I wish we ever saw real hedgehogs.

  10. Oh how sweet ... the hedgehog cake and the two little ones who made it for Mommy! I don't think I've ever seen steam train fabric. I will be looking to see what pattern you make.

  11. Anonymous6:03 pm

    I wouldn't want to be in a tidy kitchen!

  12. LOVE the hedgehog cake! Excellent beginning to Mr.'s quilt, good colors coming together. Summer Plus? Okay, I'll take that! We are having the same here... Fall just isn't in a hurry this year.