Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Autumnal pursuits

The beautiful autumn weather has become somewhat chillier, though not cold, as I seem to remember the autumns of my youth. The Botanics are beautiful in the sunshine.

Grandson assiduously creates road layouts in his garden.

Some of them are quite complicated.

Some have road numbers.

Or bus stops.

He's the bus driver. He likes to have a passenger behind him.

Granddaughter L, whose interests are quite other, does a jigsaw while dressed as a pirate, in the company of her daddy.

And I, whose interests are also other, have been getting on with Mr L's railway quilt, or at least the piecing thereof. The big squares made it easy to put together - once I'd redone quite a few of the too-small random four-patch squares generated by the method advocated by Jenny of the Missouri Star Quilt Company. I'm not sure that I'm a great fan of random, but it's interesting.

One day I must do something radical such as - ooh - triangles or even circles (do you think?).


  1. Triangles! I think you're ready!

  2. That boy is going to solve all our traffic congestion problems and win a Nobel Prize !! Triangles, certainly, circles, NO_WAY, they are the very devil! I love your quilt, great colours and great placement. I do hope the weather remains clement! We are just heading into spring here - that means equinoctial winds unfortunately, but also warmer temperatures.

  3. Grandson's road layout is amazing! I love how he has all the little details in chalk. And your little pirate -- wasn't Grandson fascinated by that costume too, when he was her age? Or am I imagining things?

    Your quilt is looking great! Which is the fabric from Hong Kong? You're definitely ready for triangles and circles would be good too. I love to applique circles -- it's a nice project for tv watching. There's a quilt called 365 Circles or something like that that some bloggers are doing now -- it's just squares cut out (like we do our patchy quilts) and then they applique circles to each square -- they're cute!

    1. The one in the top left (and other places) came from Hong Kong. The trains are British, though - I'm informed.

  4. Circles, definitely, Pam! There is something about circles in a quilt. Must look for Anna's suggestion. Grandson's layout reminds me of the Glen in Dunfermline, where you could ride your bike or tricycle and obey all the road signs, loved going there. Just got back from a fortnight with the Cowboys in Oregon, so sad to leave 😢

  5. I am in awe of those who can quilt; I have a couple of friends who do so. Your grandson is, as I've mentioned before, extremely gifted.

  6. As part of the big deal I've been working on I've been working with the Council's senior traffic engineer who is outstoundingly clever. When he has to explain something to me he draws little pictures which look just like your grandson's. A possible future career? When I was his age I wanted to be a town planner and I'm not far off....just sayin'

  7. There is a neat quilt block that uses triangles to create the illusion of circles. I thought it was called Ocean Wave, but when I search that name, it is NOT the block I am thinking of. I'll ask around and find the correct name and a picture of it.