Saturday, November 05, 2016

Activities for small people

Son and Daughter-in-Law have been here with their baby to coincide with Daughter 2's weekend visit, which has been lovely - Daughter 1 and her family also came. Daughter 2 helped Grandson make a tube train on his recent visit to London and today she helped him make a station. She is a good aunt. There are lots of signs involved also.

An adjacent overground was constructed.

Son read to Granddaughter L.

He is very enamoured of his baby.

Grandson is continuing to dictate stories for his father to write down.

Grandson: ... Den [then] the farmer decided to feed his animals because it was nearly tea time. Den -"
SIL [interrupting]: Don't keep saying "then". Try to say something different like "next" or "after that".
Me: And can you say "THen" and not "den"? Dens are where foxes live.
Grandson [with an all-right-but-whose-story-is-it? look on his face]: NEXT the farmer went to feed the foxes in their - DEN... ."

Granny: 0
Grandson: 1


  1. Way to incorporate those annoying adult suggestions into his story! I think you'll have to start getting up awfully early if you want to outsmart this one!

  2. What a very creative child! I do so enjoy children's sense of humor and excellence at manipulation. :) Except when it's used against me.

  3. I distinctly remember being upbraided for saying 'Ju know?' Instead of 'Do you know?' . The next time I started a sentence that way I remembered just in time and changed what I was going to say to 'Judith told me...'. My mother knew she had been outsmarted but couldn't say anything because I had a friend called Judith.

  4. Hahaha -- you're not going to get ahead of Little N -- what a little cutie! How wonderful to have all the children together for a little while. Our baby is coming this weekend -- I have her father's old crib set up and I'm all ready -- I just wish they could stay forever!

  5. Anonymous6:44 pm

    He is a smart boy!

  6. He will grow up all too soon - he's so full of ideas he's gorgeous! I'm teaching a child who, at 6 1/2, is still writing 'den' because that's how he says it, and when I've corrected him he says "ththththththththth" so it spits all over the place! I'm trying to hang on to the big stuff and leave it be. Recently he can go back and check if I ask him to look for a word he hasn't got quite right, so that's an improvement. I love reading of his creativity and enthusiasm.