Sunday, June 25, 2017


While in London, we visited the Summer Exhibition, which was as usual full of works of art which bewildered us - as well as others which we enjoyed. This, for example, I liked - I admired the sentiment (you just have to go on, don't you?) though I've just discovered that it's a quote from a Beckett novel, so it's not original to the artist. The background is very intricately painted: it looks like tiny rolled-up pieces of coloured paper stuck together, but it's not. So I admire the neatness and the industry. Would I, however, pay £35,000 for it? Hmm.

This looks, as Son-in-Law 1 said when I sent its photo, like Grandson's blackboard when he's rubbed out what he's written. It's just as blurred as it looks here. It's called "Ancestor Worship" and could be yours for £128,000. I have no idea what it's about.

This one was beautifully painted, so I admire it, though wouldn't want it in my sitting room.

It seems to feature lots of Mickey Mouses. Mice. I can't remember what it cost, but this one...

called "Red Over Black In Charred Frames", was £24,000. It didn't seem universally popular among the visitors.

This was a tiny and (to my mind) beautiful woodcut.

I love the way this is painted though don't understand it.

And these faces - now, that's my sort of art.

This was interesting: lots of actual buildings put in an imaginary landscape. I think it's beautiful and strange. It was in a lightbox, which does give it an arresting luminosity, though again it would look odd in my hallway.

I do wonder what future generations will make of some of the art produced at the moment. But then I also wonder if I may be missing something. Can all these experts really be completely wrong in an emperor's-new-clothes fashion? What are they seeing that I don't see?


  1. I think most m I send art is just c**p, just because it's different doesn't make it art or worth anything.

  2. There is a touch of Emperors new clothes to some of it, and we all like what we like so there is room for everything, and maybe thinking about it too much is pointless.....when I was there last year with my sister we were absolutely amazed at some of the exhibits....both the good and the 'really?'.

  3. I would love to have some of these to have the immense pleasure of selling them for those sorts of prices!

  4. Blogger is determined to either post my comments twice or delete everything!

  5. I agree with your take on the art. I tend toward the realistic or impressionist, although I do enjoy pieces I need to interpret. However, in NYC at the MoMA, there were several art pieces, like a bale of hay, that were incomprehensible to me.

  6. Well, clearly we've missed the boat. I'm pretty sure we could create that red over black or chalkboardy painting. Trying to convince someone to cough up the money for them would be the real work!