Monday, June 05, 2017

Big sigh

In the direness of the news, what is there to be done but look at all these streptocarpus plants at the garden show at the weekend...?

And admire these mecanopsis and peonies.

And my beautiful clematis - with flowers as big as a hand.

And watch the little ones as they diligently paint the paving slabs with water.

And try not to despair at the state of the world.


  1. Yes...Sigh, look for things to make us happy, and try not to despair...I remind myself that the world was in pretty bad shape when I was born (end of WWII, advent of the world behind the Iron Curtain), but it doesn't quite cheer me up...We can just try to put as much goodness into it as we can, and do our best and carry on. There is much beauty and kindness and goodness.

  2. I despair and pray that the next generation does a better job of fixing this old world.

  3. I know exactly what you mean. I can barely read the news now, especially considering our "president." I adored and respected the prior one, so this is tough.

  4. My dad was in the British army during WWII and was captured at Dunkirk. For 4 years he was in German prison camps. My mom grew up in Belgium and worked with the underground.....hiding British and American soldiers. The stories they told were heart wrenching. There has always been evil in this world and it will continue. We need to enjoy the beauty around us and value the important people in our lives. You are doing an excellent job. Your grands are getting so BIG! Patty Mc