Monday, August 21, 2017

Things we like to do

Granddaughter-the-Elder and I had a trip to the Botanics on Thursday. She seems quite interested in plants, unlike her brother. (Me: This plant is called a penstemon. Grandson: Were there street lights when you were a little girl?)

Granddaugher-the-Elder is also very, very keen on books. She can't read yet, but sits for a long time telling herself the stories from books that she's had read to her.

Grandson prefers doing things.

I fished out some of our children's old toys, and the little ones enjoyed playing with Sticklebricks

- Auntie Daughter 2 is good at building things -

and the Shuffly Castle.

Son-in-Law 2, the actor, is in Edinburgh performing in the Fringe, and he read "Flat Stanley" to the children. I don't think they quite realised how good his reading was - lots of different voices and accents - compared to the usual standard of performance around here, but they certainly seemed to enjoy it.

This morning, when I took this photo of the garden, I realised that the light had a slightly autumnal quality. But it's very mild and there are still lots of flowers. It'll be August for ages yet. (Won't it?)


  1. Such 2 very different little beings. What a lovely garden you have.

  2. Oooh, it's handy to have an actor SIL around for times like these LOL. I would love to hear him reading the children a story. How fun to see DD2 -- and the little bundle!

    And no, August won't be around for ages. Sadly, just one more week. You have a family birthday next week -- ours is today, but it doesn't seem like it. I just can't make out where the summer has gone.

    Btw, those grandbabies of yours are growing like weeds!!!

  3. There's no denying the quality of light is changing. DIL is at the Fringe too. I wonder if they have met up.

  4. Love those pictures. Sticklebrick building looks to be a very serious activity and how marvellous to have an actor reading you stories (I remember my girlie bursting into tears one time when I was telling her something and her saying, 'But that was your Stig of the Dump voice'). Your garden is lovely. I'm very envious.


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