Saturday, August 05, 2017

It's all go...

It's been very changeable weather here: lovely one moment and wet the next. The children and I went to the Gallery of Modern Art and had a cake and a look at the art (Granddaughter-the-Elder thinks surrealism is scary and I'm inclined to agree) and played in the garden.

This is an art installation but the children think it's like a bus shelter and again - it's hard to disagree. But it's fun to take silly pictures using its mirror glass.

Home for a rest and time with literature.

Yesterday a bloggy friend, J of Jee And Me, visited on her way north from the Midlands. It was lovely to meet her. And look what she brought for Grandson and Granddaughter-the-Elder! Washi tape with roads printed on it and a working traffic light, for Grandson...

and a bunny with a complete set of outfits - all made by Pixiemum - for Granddaughter-the-Elder!

So extremely kind and so extremely popular!

And today we all - including Daughter 2, who's up for the weekend - went up north for the (official - the real one is on Monday) first birthday of Grandddaughter-the-Younger, the Unbloggable But Very Beautiful Baby. She's starting to walk unaided - so talented!


  1. Those gifts are amazing! I would like some of that rain. We are stuck here in a 90 degree smog pattern. We're getting hit with all the wild fire smoke from British Columbia and have had the worst air quality in the nation lately. However, it seems to be improving, whew. Love that cake!

  2. Great gifts, love the tape. Happy Birthday to she who cannot be named.

  3. Glad the gifts went down well. Must credit Sarah Peel at for the bunny and clothes patterns. Hope Granddaughter 2 had a lovely birthday.

  4. Your tablecloth is my kitchen blind!
    Happy Birthday 1st birthday to little M. What brilliant gifts your Bloggy friend brought.

  5. YAY! Your baby has joined ours in being 1 AND walking! I'll bet you have the best time with her. What lovely gifts -- that looke like the bunny I made last year -- we need to do one more and then all three of our girls will have a bunny LOL!

  6. What happy times you all do have, and what wonderful gifts from Pixiemum!Joy!

  7. Why is one granddaughter "bloggable" and one not?

  8. Pooh, another Blogger with the name of PixieMum, albeit with a lower case 'm' in the middle of the name.

    I acquired my name as in the long distance past my DD posted on The Archers message board as GroovyPixie so when I jumped into this world I called myself PixieMum, think correctly it should have been Pixie'sMum. Unbeknown to DD at the time my father called my mother Pixie, given she was just 5 foot tall, I like that link across the generations.
    What lovely gifts were given by your Pixie.

    1. First word should be 'Oooh' , nothing to do with Winnie the Pooh!