Wednesday, September 20, 2017


On Saturday we went with our walking friends to Cramond,

and walked along the river bank to Cammo, round the Cammo estate,

and back again. We're lucky to have so many apparently rural places within the city boundaries.

Then yesterday we walked along to the Modern Art Gallery and saw a wonderful exhibition of British Realist Painting. Beautiful pictures, some by names I didn't know at all. There was one by James McIntosh Partick that I would have happily stolen, of the view out of his Dundee window on to sunlit bare trees in the gardens and his wife hanging out the washing - it's just lovely, what with the traceries of the branches and twigs and the bright washing. (I doubt if the clothes would have dried, though, since it was clearly winter.)

And then we walked home again, past the Landform (above)

and along the Water of Leith.

There was no wind to disturb the reflections on the water.

It's getting quite autumnal but there's still quite a lot of colour in the garden: sedum,

Japanese anemones,

more Japanese anemones and montbretia (the yellow variety since I don't like orange)

and autumn crocuses.

The other grandparents are up visiting. We were invited to lunch (great apple pie, other grandmother!). Here's Grandson doing one of his absolutely characteristic activities

and Granddaughter-the-Elder, the bookworm, in her new slippers.


  1. I think you're having better weather than us -or I could just be imagining that because our boiler has packed up and we're feeling chilly! Love the new slippers, L.

  2. Looks like you're having fantastic weather. I was curious about the artist you mentioned and I looked him up, really liked his paintings.

  3. That reflection photo is incredible!! There have been several paintings in various museums that I would love to have in my house. My older daughter is/was a talented painter, thus much of my artwork is hers. (which is very special)

  4. Another beautiful walk! Your pictures are so pretty -- I would've especially loved to see the landform. Looks like the grandchildren are having a good time. Granddaughter's book makes it look like she shares grandson's passion for roads. Do they make those cute slippers in adult sizes???

  5. Anonymous9:07 pm

    What a beautiful post. The reflection/water photo is amazing and thanks for the link to the paintings. I loved them all!

  6. Lovely studies of water in many states! And I like that artist, too, very much, and had never heard of him. Life is so good!

  7. What beautiful scenery!.