Friday, September 08, 2017


Now, the thing about blogs is that they often present just the sunny, happy side of life, so for the interests of accuracy, let me record what happened to Arran on our second day. Compare the lovely picture of the bay and Goatfell in the background below (Saturday) ... and above (Sunday). You may notice a difference. Yes, for the second and indeed the third days of our long weekend, it rained.

 The second day was wet and the third day...

was less wet but mistier. Hard to say which was better. However, we mainly drove round the island and visited old haunts, including the Lagg Hotel, below.

One of our distantish relations once managed this - owned it? - but currently I can't quite think who. My mum would have known. I did write down various bits of Arran information relating to our family while she was alive but I can't quite think where I safely put this.

The surnames of our Arran family were Currie and Sillars and these are still common names on the island. I must say that I rather wish we lived there... but it would make seeing the offspring rather more tricky.

Eventually we gave up and got a slightly earlier ferry home. Here we are in the queue.

Of course, this is all nothing compared to the suffering of people in the path of that terrible hurricane over the other side of the world. My heart goes out to them.

After a bit of a gap, I got up the resolution to continue with Daughter 2's cot quilt top.
I had previously made these 9-patch squares. Then, with trepidation, I cut each of them into quarters, swapped round the top right hand quarter with the bottom left hand one and sewed them together again. With the result below. It would never in a million years have occurred to me that this is how the lady in my quilting book got this effect, but fortunately she added instructions. It will then have wide white borders.

And then I decided to do a very easy, unmatchy, patchwork back. This was very quick! But I prefer the front.

Such fun though, yes, a complete waste of time!

Hello to the kind people who've added their comments to my earlier post. Still not 60 of you, though!


  1. Arran looks like a lovely place, but I prefer to not live on an island. Love the quilt top.

  2. I do like the 'unmatchy' side too. I find those very precise, "patterned to within an inch of their live" quilts (although technically sophisticated) of less visual interest than the free-er kind - both sides of yours are zinging! There are lots of places in New Zealand I'd love to live - but like you, the family comes first and I wouldn't move an inch while they're near. I feel so blessed to be able to have contact with them easily. So many of my son's friends don't have a single grandparent they can interact with.... usually because the kids have moved so far away. Such a loss for the children too.

  3. I too prefer the mainland, and in spite of our smoke problem from the fires burning everywhere around us, I'm relieved not to live in the US south, where hurricanes are a yearly occurrence. (not quite like the monsters this year though)

  4. I need to make a baby quilt, and had no clue what colors.... but I really like your light blue and red! I might have to copy that idea! It is really cute! We were in Scotland a year ago now (early Oct.) and our weather was lovely almost every day. Just a bit of rain now and again, but nothing to ruin a day!