Thursday, February 15, 2018


We went to an exhibition a few days ago - Modern Scottish Art, 1900-1950. As we suspected, we were more impressed by the earlier than the later paintings, though I do quite like this one. Stupidly I didn't write down the artist's name. I wouldn't necessarily want it on my wall, but it has a certain fishy charm (and doubtless other characteristics that eluded us).

Then we had coffee and cake in the café and gazed out of the window at the wintry sunshine.

We walked to and from the gallery, which might have gone part way towards working off the cake. You think?

Another day we went up north to visit Son, Daughter-in-Law and Middle Granddaughter. Son took us to a soft play centre. These places didn't exist in our children's day - or at least there was one, called Little Marco's, which was a delightfully relaxing day out for parents because it was all on one level and we mainly just sat smiling indulgently as our offspring trotted busily past. Nowadays they're built on various different levels and you have to follow your little ones as they race up squashy stairs, through tiny doorways, between padded rollers through gaps not designed for the plumper granny and along wobbly bridges (ditto). However, it was good fun and she's very sweet. Above you don't quite see her in the ball pool, one of the more restful features of the place.

And here you don't quite see her having some lunch. She's getting to know us a bit, I think, which is lovely.

Meanwhile, Daughter 1, Son-in-Law 1 and their two were visiting Daughter 2 and co. in London. Daughter 2 WhatsApped us various of Grandson's sayings, eg

"It's so nice to be in bed with you, Auntie [Daughter 2]. And this nice bouncy pillow."

"I love you more than I love [Littlest Granddaughter]. But she's cuter."

"She has a tiny tiny head. It's about the size of two tennis balls. And fluffy. It's more round than a normal head, though. More like a sphere. You and I have normal heads - more like 3D ovals."

They're now back in Edinburgh - we saw them briefly at the station this afternoon but I can't wait to see them at greater length tomorrow.

Now I'm off to try making patchwork triangles... Thanks for the various pieces of advice, patchwork experts. Think positive thoughts for me!


  1. Not much a fan of modern art, but I can see the attraction for others. Don't you love how unfiltered little kids are.

  2. I struggle to appreciate modern art, but I do like that piece. Love all the grandson sayings. I do wish I had written down some of my daughters' funny statements. I thought I would always remember them. Nope.

  3. Pam I just wanted to let you know that the last comment you left for my blog came with your surname so I thought you might prefer if it wasn't published.

  4. That little grandson of yours is too cute -- as my youngest used to say when he was little "He's a thinker". I'm glad you were able to spend some time with middle granddaughter -- we'll see our little cherub in a little over 2 weeks and I can't wait!