Thursday, February 01, 2018

Quotable quotes

I've been piecing a quilt for Biggest Granddaughter - using the same design as I used for Littlest Granddaughter's, only there are going to be triangles in one of the borders. (Possibly. I've never done triangles so we'll see.) I'm intrigued by how the pattern is achieved, which I, not being a person with much spatial awareness, wouldn't have thought of. You make nine-patches, as above, and then cut them down and across, thus:

and then rearrange them thus. (Don't look too closely.) And then sew them all together and so on. I'm sure it's a common patchwork technique but I'm easily impressed. Her favourite colour is yellow and she wanted lots of animal fabrics, including guinea pigs.

I've got quite a long way to go yet.

Daughter 1 and I took her and her brother to the Camera Obscura on Saturday. There were lots of optical illusions to amuse them. It's such fun to be a reasonably large part of their lives.

I said sentimentally to Grandson the other day, "I hope that when you're a big boy, you'll remember coming to our house to play."

He looked at me in amazed dismay. "Can't I still come here when I'm a big boy?"

Of course you can, my darling boy!

I do love the things they say. The other day, Grandson looked in the cupboard in what used to be Son's room and discovered the Lego trainset. He bore it downstairs and said with warm satisfaction, "You never know what you'll find in a good cupboard."

Meanwhile biggest Granddaughter played with Lego pirates. "The pirate raft," she murmured to herself, "sailed elegantly past the railway."

And on Tuesday, she and I went to the Botanics. It was rather chilly but then the sun came out. "That's nice," she remarked. "I can feel myself relaxing already."

Oh, they're such a joy!


  1. Priceless eloquence. And it is so necessary to record these utterances because they will vanish into thin air otherwise.

  2. It is perfect that you are capturing their delightful sayings on your blog! I've never been good at geometry or shapes, so the fabric cutting hurt my brain. :)

  3. They are a joy indeed! I love everything they said and you recorded! You are getting to be quite a quilter, btw....Would you ever have your granddaughter help choose fabric for her quilt? When I was about nine years old my grandmother took me to a department store to choose fabric for an "old-fashioned" dress she was making for my favorite doll. It took me so long to settle on a yellow and white striped fabric with small soft blue flowers. I still have it, more than 60 years later, in this very room. Yes, a joy indeed. We are lucky who have grandchildren living so close by.

  4. I believe Granddaughter did pick some of the fabrics out of Granny's stash. She certainly shows an interest in picking yarn for her own jumpers and accessories. Grandson also picked the yarn for the red one hesh wearing in those photos, though the redness was his sole criterion.

  5. You've probably seen this technique which is quite easy, but just in case...

  6. That is called a Disappearing 9 patch. Did you realise there are at least 6 different ways it can be put back together? When I made one I tried each possible way took a photo then tried the next way. At the end I decided which arrangement I preferred and had a photo to copy.

    I hope you are writing down some of the gems the wee ones say you can tell them when they are older.

  7. Anonymous7:55 pm

    They obviously pick up words that they hear being spoken at home so they use them naturally. It is a very good grounding for their future.

  8. LOLOL. What wonderful quotes from your little angels. Especially the one about coming to visit when he's older. You just wonder what his world is like that he thinks he might not be able to come visit when he's older! I can hardly wait until I'm hearing such gems! Oh -- and I LOVE that K is knitting for her babes!

  9. Your grandchildren are clever and delightful! I loved going to my grandma's when I was little. She lived nearby. I have so many fond memories of time spent playing at her house. I dream about her and her house frequently, always happy dreams. Your grandson is old enough now that the time he spends with you is part of his foundation. He'll always remember.

  10. Love your posts! The Quilt will be beautiful! The colors are lovely. I am making the very same pattern. Here is is called "Disappearing 9-Patch" I'll post a photo in my April post. It is for my oldest Grandson, in honor of his 3rd birthday, and moving to a big boy bed. WE also have a Lego train set that I have tucked away. I must find a special cupboard for my Grandsons to discover ;-)