Saturday, July 21, 2018

The Old Hop Kiln

We have been on holiday in Herefordshire, which is fairly far south west in England. It calls itself the Midlands, but it's not really very mid. Anyway, it was all lovely. Our 300-year-old cottage had been converted from a hop kiln - I think the round bit was the actual kiln, but it's now the kitchen (downstairs) and a bathroom (upstairs). Neither must have been particularly easy to equip, being round, but both were done very nicely.

There are various other converted farm buildings, all also very old, and pretty views.

Here is Mr L taking the air.

The only trouble about the air was that it was extremely hot. Britain's been experiencing a prolonged heat wave, with the longest drought since records began. Here in Scotland it's been hot though not unbearably so, but also very dry. For the first time that I can remember, our lawn crunches when we walk on it. Not good. We don't have a sprinkler because we don't usually need one. 

However, old buildings have thick walls and so, luckily, our cottage was quite cool inside. It was (to my mind) very prettily furnished in blues and white.

There's much more to say but there are things to do... .