Monday, July 30, 2018


Last week we had a few days at Crieff Hydro, where I first went 65 years ago (I was only 3 the first time) and where we've been many times since. All the children and grandchildren were there, which was such a treat. Here, confusingly, is Son with his niece, Littlest Granddaughter.

We had various snacks in the Winter Garden, with this view that I've known all my life.

Here's Middle Granddaughter admiring a giant rabbit. Her hair is blonde, unlike the rest of us, apart from Littlest.

Mr L and I took the older grandchildren to McRosty Park, where they had fun. They don't hold hands a lot but did so spontaneously on this occasion. So CUTE!

We did get some lovely photos of the whole family, but the Unbloggable Toddler was in them. Here are three of the four little ones, anyway.

On the way home, we went to a wildlife park and had lunch looking towards those hills. 

And now we're home, but Daughter 2, Son-in-Law 2 and Littlest Granddaughter are here for a whole month! Lovely! Exhausting! LG is crawling, pulling herself up, trying to eat random bits of fluff and has no common sense AT ALL. So we'll get nothing done. But it's so nice!


  1. How wonderful to spend the time with your family! Nothing better.

  2. What a lovely time you all had. It's so good for the children to connect with each other too. Crawling is such a fun time- the speed at which they can find trouble is incredible. My one climbed the kitchen drawers, with handles ideal for holding on to, unfortunately that rolled in and out with the greatest of ease!! We have keys for the two sideboards, but protecting the books on the lower shelves was a full time job! But distraction in the form of pots and things to bang them with helped! Im sure you'll love every minute of it.

  3. Anonymous7:49 pm

    It is so lovely to see your little ones, thank you.

  4. So fun to have so much of your family on vacation with you. I love those views of rolling hills!

  5. Littlest G is just loving being at the centre of everything isn't she? How great for all of them to get on. Having just been to a lovely family wedding it's great to see the links as they progress into older years too! Lxx