Saturday, November 03, 2018

Autumn in the city

We went to the City Art Gallery today and then walked through Princes Street Gardens.

The centre of Edinburgh is fairly spectacular.

Autumn colours show it off nicely.

This is the Ross Fountain, which has recently been refurbished and painted in these rather startling colours, having been rusty brown for as long as I can remember. It's very unScottish-looking, but then it was actually made in France and it's thought that this is what it may have originally looked like. It was shown in the London Great Exhibition of 1862 and bought for £2000 (a LOT of money) by Daniel Ross, a gunmaker - clearly a profitable occupation, hmm - and installed in its current position in 1872.

The strange clutter of buildings that make up the Castle is very dear to my heart.

I'm interested in this flower bed in Atholl Crescent. The council has been giving us lots of permanent planting like this over the past few years, rather than bedding plants. I suppose it's cheaper and more environmentally friendly as well as more natural-looking. Behind it you can see typical New Town buildings.

The plants have been well chosen to give colour for most of the year.

And then we walked along the river and home.


  1. Edinburgh is indeed beautiful...I've only seen it in June, twice, so I really enjoyed this autumn view.

  2. It is lovely indeed. I haven't been there for many years but I'm almost sure Edinburgh is going to be my hen night venue (very tasteful and non-drunken of course)! Lxx

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  4. Anonymous6:14 pm

    It is certainly a beautiful city. I like the colours of the Ross fountain.

  5. I would love to see Edinburgh any time of the year! Well, maybe not winter. :)

  6. I'm not a big fan of cities but I think I could be very happy in your Edinburgh!

  7. What a perfect day! I love that you said the castle and it's building are very dear to your heart -- I just can't imagine living in a city with such treasures that become so much a part of your life. I need to move LOL!

  8. It all looks quite lovely. We are hoping to visit again next fall. This time, I want to see the Castle! and from your posts, now I must see the Botanics, too.

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