Friday, November 02, 2018

Sewing wonky items

Littlest Granddaughter likes putting things over her wrist (and round her neck - such as electrical cables) so I decided to make her a tiny little lined tote bag to carry around on her wrist. And here it is. I post it not because it's a miracle of craftswomanship - which it certainly isn't - but just because I'm surprised at my (slightly wonky) achievement. I did use to make things when I was younger - not clothes (much) but loose covers for the odd chair, drawstring bags for nursery shoes and so on. And I do make curtains and cushion covers, though haven't done this much in recent years. But I'd sort of forgotten that I used to like doing such things. Quilting has reminded me and it's down to Thimbleanna, who exerted gentle but firm persuasion to get me started on that - thank you, Anna!

And of course Mr Google helps a lot nowadays.

As usual, we had the Edinburgh grandchildren this afternoon.

As usual, they were very busy.

We're so lucky. They're now seven and five - years which have gone in a flash. In the same time again, they'll be fourteen and twelve and getting all grown up. I need to get in lots of cuddles before they're too sophisticated to want to come to Granny's on their school half-day!


  1. Well done.
    My those 2 are maturing.....I remember the day eldest was born and I still remember you both. Best Wishes from NZ.

  2. It is so valuable and important for children to have loving and involved grandparents! My girls were/are very fortunate in that regard.

  3. Anonymous3:37 pm

    My word - seven and 5! How quickly time passes without our noticing.

  4. Your Edinburgh grandchildren especially, but really all your grandchildren, are blessed with a sense of loving connection to you and your husband.

  5. Well, haha, you're welcome! I LOVE that you're quilting and enjoying it - and your little bag is adorable! I can't believe how quickly N and L have grown. When I think it will be so long until I can retire, I think of it in terms of how quickly the children grow. I really don't have much longer to work in the big picture -- our newest little will be just 3 when we retire -- and it's time that I know will go by in a FLASH!