Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Home and back again

I've had a last-minute visit to London - yes, one day at home and then back down again. Daughter 2 and Littlest Granddaughter were supposed to be coming here for a long weekend during which we were all going up north to visit The Unbloggables, but alas, she was unwell and couldn't come. So she hasn't yet met her new nephew and was very sad about it. However, I went down there to do a bit of baby-minding while she did some recovering.

Actually, Littlest Granddaughter isn't really a baby any more. She's 21 months now. Above, she prepares to change her dolly's nappy (so cute!).

Here she is, melting her granny's heart with those big blue eyes

and cheery grin.

She's not the world's best sleeper, except when it's inconvenient of course.

All by herself, she built this fine Duplo construction consisting of self-colour towers. She's not saying the  names of colours yet, but clearly understands the concept and isn't colour blind.

And now I'm home. Can't wait to see her again. And her mum. How I wish they weren't so far away.


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