Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Flat walking and flowers

I deleted this post by mistake (and the comments - sorry) but it went something like...

The next day we had a comparatively easy 5-and-a-half mile walk round Buttermere.

It was very peaceful. And more or less flat.

We had lunch by a stream. Or beck.

And on the last day, we walked up the River Cocker from Cockermouth: 6, partly muddy miles - easy walking.

Such a lovely few days with much companionship and many laughs, including when someone had too steamy a shower and set off the fire alarm and then someone else burnt the toast and set it off again.

The owner of the house claimed he'd be willing to have us back again... .

And then everyone else went home and we drove to Galloway in south-west Scotland for a little extra holiday.

We visited Logan Botanic Gardens, which have a very mild climate because of their proximity to the Gulf Stream and can thus grow many nearly-sub-tropical plants

such as these tree ferns, which made interesting shapes in the sunlight.

And then we visited nearby Castle Kennedy Gardens, built round this 14th century castle.

As at Logan, there was still lots of colour.

The grounds amount to 75 acres and are very lovely.

There's a big house but it's not open to the public. I think the Earl of Stair values his privacy.

And then the next day...


  1. That is a beautiful area of Scotland--another place I'd like to visit! Burned toast and steamy showers are normal around here. :)

  2. Oooh, looks like you've been having great fun in my absence -- and I'm just getting started reading. It sounds like you guys were safer to stay OUT of your accommodation though ... LOL.