Sunday, February 14, 2021

More snowsnowsnow

We've had a few beautiful days. On this one, we went up on the golf course and it was really lovely, if quite hard work, trudging upwards in deep snow. 

But worth it

for the colours 

and the general exhilaration of being among them. 

I'm making progress with the photos, indeed getting towards the end of the initial sorting-out. The experience is mixed: it's lovely to see the family history (this is my father with his two sisters) but also wistfulness-inducing. 

Sledging with the Edinburgh grandchildren, again on the golf course. Annoyingly, one of the new sledges we had sent for lasted 20 minutes before...

it broke. 

Yesterday we went down to check Daughter 2's Edinburgh flat and then walked along a cycle path, an old railway line, which had been cleared of snow - unlike the pavements, which are the lethal, icy result of trodden snow. Luckily it's much milder today so with any luck, the snow will melt and we'll be able to linger outside a bit more. We're still not allowed to meet with others inside unless for caring purposes. I'm looking forward to getting into the garden, with spring flowers. 

I'm wondering what to do with all my younger aunt's work references. I wonder why she kept them - maybe because they say nice things about her. Would descendants be interested in what people thought of their great-(however many times)-aunt? Maybe. The trouble is that once something's been kept for, in the case of this one, 70 years, it acquires a slightly sacrosanct quality. And by themselves they don't take up a lot of room. But then, nothing does by itself. 

I can't wait to be finished with this archiving and to be allowed (by me) to make a quilt. That would be such therapy. 


  1. You are making lots of progress. It's a daunting responsibility to decide what to keep and what to discard. Quilt time soon! I haven't been brave enough to walk far in our deep snow. Down to the mailbox was it for the day! (and it was slippery)

  2. Interesting that over there you go "sledging" and we over here go "sledding"! I wonder why one's a sledge and one's a sled? Will have to research this...

  3. According to the interwebs:
    Is it a sled or sledge?
    Sled - a small single person conveyance to slide down hills, usually has runners, but may just have a flat bottom.
    Sledge - any kind of flat conveyance to be dragged over the ground. These are used for conveyance large loads or injured people when a wheeled vehicle is not available.

    1. Interesting, but really we never use "sled" here. It's always "sledge".

  4. That snow with the blue sky is just beautiful! Easy to say from the t-shirt wearing antipodes of course ... I am very impressed that you are holding yourself off from making a quilt, I've never been able to do that. The quilts seem to leak out.

  5. Hi there Pam, it's old pupil from Stevenson's, Clarissa here again. I've posted a poem on Reddit, having failed miserably to ressurect my old blog, or create a new one. It's inspired by a clip from the film Fantastic Beasts and where to find them: Crimes of Grindelwald (a JK Rowling Harry Potter spinoff) I hope it will make you smile amidst your sorting and missing loved ones, if only for a bit! Still catching up with your blog- I do so love the photos! Here's the poem link or possibly that's the sketch to go with it. I'll sort this out momentarily...

  6. Here we are

    1. That link didn't seem to work, Clarissa.

  7. Aww! Not even if you paste it into your browser? What a shame! Must be a mobile thing. Ah well, if ever I find another way to post it online somewhere you can get to, I'll be sure to let you know. So sorry to disturb your comments! Be well! Clarissa

  8. Boy, I feel your pain with these archives. What to do with all these things. And, like you said, nothing by itself takes up much space -- but all together??? I was impressed that you kept the 50th wedding anniversary book -- we have one of those - as well as books for many other occasions as hubby's family was military with lots of tradition and pomp and circumstance, etc. But I'm thinking our children's children aren't going to care much about it all ...

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