Monday, July 12, 2021


Daughter 2 and Littlest Granddaughter have been here. Littlest and Biggest washed some stones - as you do. Then we all went up to stay in two lodges at Crieff Hydro: our three children, their children and spouses (except Son-in-Law 2, who was working); and also my brother, his wife and their two offspring. 

The cousins had a great time playing together. They are almost 10, 8, almost 5, 3 and three-quarters and 2. The 10- and 2-year-olds are boys and the three middle ones are girls, and the little ones regarded the big ones as very desirable companions, which the big ones were very patient about, all things considered. I took lots of lovely photos which I can't use here because of the unbloggable nature of Son's children. 

I sometimes had to remind myself for a second who belonged to whom. For example, this is Son with Daughter 2's little one. 

And this is Son-in-Law 1, reading to Daughter 2's and Son's daughters. 

There was a lot of swimming and some playparking and a visit to the new Adventure Glen, which was popular. Here, Middle Granddaughter showed Littlest Granddaughter how to bounce. 

and Biggest Granddaughter climbed the climbing wall. You wouldn't have got me doing that when I was 8, or, come to that, at any age. 

Here they all are enjoying an ice cream. 

This is the view from our lodges. I love this town and the Perthshire countryside. I first came here when I was 3 - 68 years ago.

It was all very lovely and heartwarming to see them all together, and also fairly exhausting - probably for everyone. 

And then we came home and on Sunday we went to the Botanics, when Middle Granddaughter demonstrated her gymnastic skills to Littlest. I fear that she hasn't got too many gymnastic genes to help her, but she makes up for this with enthusiasm. 



  1. Love the pic. of all your grandchildren eating ice
    cream together. You have such great walking areas and interesting places for children to play.

  2. What wonderful photos and memories! Finally, you get to see your whole family--yay!! That is beautiful countryside.

  3. YAY! You were able to have the annual Creiff Hydro trip. I love traditions like that and the children will have such wonderful memories of their Granny and Grandpa. Hope you're having a good rest now LOL!

  4. That sounds so lovely! We do something that we call The Family Vacation, which is just the same. I once did this with my parents, aunts and uncles and cousins, but now we do the same but with fewer children and grandchildren. Still, it is an opportunity for family to be all together and have fun making memories, and that is the improtant part, right? What a beautiful location! We look for a place with water - lake, river, or possibly one day an ocean site? I understand the exhaustion part, too.

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