Saturday, July 31, 2021


The other day we took the Edinburgh grandchildren on a train across the Firth of Forth to Kirkcaldy (pronounced Kir-coddy). In fact, the journey entailed a bus and a train in both directions - both quite exciting for children who have been very little on either in the past 16 months (though Gramps in Worcester did take Big Grandson on various modes of transport when the family was down in Worcester recently). Here we are crossing the Forth Bridge. 

When we arrived in Kirkcaldy, I was just taking a nice photo of them in front of a flower bed when Grandson's eye was caught by an interesting bus. So we went and looked at it. 

After lunch, we walked to Beveridge Park, where they had a play. 

Then we returned home. 

Yesterday we went to Weehailes adventure park

and then came to our house, where they played in the sandpit for quite a long time. "I'm going to create a geothermal power plant," said Grandson. "I'm making pretend ice creams," said Granddaughter. 

They have different interests. 

The garden blooms on. It's so hard to imagine winter at this time of year. 

Thank you for your interesting comments, such as Virginia's, where she says that New Zealand is having difficulties with supply issues at the moment. Here, one hears on the news that many people are being "pinged" by the app that alerts us to having been near someone who's tested positive for Covid, and that this is causing shortages in the workforce because people are self-isolating. Thus deliveries aren't happening and hospitality venues are short-staffed. But we haven't noticed problems. I was at the supermarket today and the shelves were full. 

And SuziS told me about mall-walking, which people in the US do (evidently) in too-hot or too-cold weather. How interesting. I don't think that ever happens here. You must have big malls in America. Here, you wouldn't get more than about five minutes' walking from one end to the other. But then we don't need to do this because on the whole our weather is fine for walking - as long as you have the right clothes. This sometimes also involves an umbrella. 

I'm becoming irritated by the automatic comments I'm getting, inviting one to do criminal things involving credit cards. Maybe I'll have to activate comment approval (though only if I can get Daughter 1 to fix this for me). Ho hum. 



  1. When we lived near a large Ikea, I knew a very elderly lady who used to bus there then take a walk around for her daily exercise. It was far enough for her needs, met loads of people, felt safe in case she fell and had a nice cup of tea and a sit down at the end. She knew most of the staff too! I could see the attraction on a miserable cold and wet day.

  2. What a nuisance for you - the unwanted comments I mean - you'd think people would have better things to do, wouldn't you. Someone had put a nasty comment on another blog I follow, and another follower responded with "Foxtrot Oscar" which about sums it up! NZ has been very fortunate, and many of our problems are caused by the international situation, and we can do very little about it. I think Mall-walking is also about being safe - they walk in groups, but there are security people on duty so they are doubly safe. Or they were, when it was safe to gather anywhere! Sigh.

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