Thursday, September 09, 2021

Blowing in the wind

I recently made Big Grandson, at his request, a floor cushion, and then Biggest Granddaughter wanted one too. His cover was from a single fabric but she wanted a patchwork one with fabrics of her choosing from my stash. The first ones she choose were these red and mainly green ones. I do not like red and green together (well, apart from at Christmas) and said, "Ooh, these don't really go together." She looked at me severely.

"It's my cushion, Granny," she said. Quite right. Then she picked lots of others, with reasons every time ("I love reading so I have to have these book fabrics", "I've got to have bunnies", "Who doesn't like balloons?") and I thought, hmm. How do I make something tasteful from this lot? 

I considered putting banding between them or doing something a bit fancy and then I decided just to go for it with simple squares, to get the full effect of her chosen fabrics. And actually the combination of patterns wasn't as bad as I expected. 

The other day, we went to the museum (first time since lockdown) to see the Galloway Hoard, a large collection of items buried about 9000AD and discovered by a metal detector a few years ago, in southern Scotland. It was so interesting. 

This is one of the intricately-made brooches, but there were many others, with armlets and ingots - mainly in silver, but some in gold, both from far-off countries - buried in a silver pot made  in Central Asia possibly 300 years earlier still. They were clever and adventurous people, our ancestors. The pot was wrapped in various pieces of cloth, which has been partially preserved by being buried and is currently being analysed. So interesting to see weaving done by people over 1000 years ago. 

The most fascinating thing, of course, would be to know why the items were buried, and by whom, and why they never came back for them - and I don't suppose we'll ever know that. Was it for fear of marauding Vikings, who then duly marauded? Did some old chap bury them to keep them safe from his neighbours, and then die without mentioning the location to his family? Did they come and look and were they frustratingly unable to find them? 

Meanwhile - though flowers bloom on and it's still warm -

there are definite signs of autumn. Rose-bay-willowherb is spreading its fluffy seeds, 

while rowan berries 

and rose hips are brightening the hedgerows

and you can see why this is called thistledown. It's pretty, but don't blow near my garden, seeds. 



  1. That cushion is lovely! Children's choices are never tasteful (you should see some of the wall colours we've ended up with) but what are you going to do... I'm jealous of you going to a museum :(

  2. Children want something that represents what they like and who they are so bravo to her! She will treasure it for those reasons. I loved your Edinburgh museums!

  3. Your posts with all the Edinburgh loveliness make me long for Scotland. So very much.

  4. Good for her!
    I made a single quilt for my eldest son age 10 ..he chose the colours and the design and the quilting design.thirty years on and he still uses it.

  5. Awww, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that sweet conversation you had with L for her pillow -- how fun to see the prints she's picked out. And the fabrics look great together! My girls are soon getting old enough to choose things from my stash and I can't wait!

  6. Sometimes, I have learned, the oddest color choices can come off quite nicely. I was asked to make a quilt (MANY years ago) for a young girl using her favorite colors of ruby red and purples! I thought it was a horrible idea and tried to talk her out of it (not having daughters of my own, I had no idea this would be impossible). So I set about trying to find fabrics in ruby reds and purple/lavendars and do you know what? I found quilting prints that had these colors in them and when I got them all together, it worked! I was really surprised, and the little girl was thrilled. You just never know.... Your granddaughter's cushion has come out very nicely and I imagine that she loves it.
    Grandmama success #482. Case closed. ;-)

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