Monday, September 13, 2021

Lonely as a cloud...

We've been away for the weekend to a big house in the Lake District (in England) with our walking friends and had such a good time. 

We go on the Friday and then we walk on the Saturday, Sunday and Monday. This year was a bit different for me because I've had an annoying sore leg recently - it's fine for the first mile or so and then really quite uncomfortable - so I felt I shouldn't try to do 7ish-mile walks during which I might either become seriously sore or find myself hobbling on, keeping everyone back. So I stayed in the house all alone (violins...), read my book and went for a 40-minute solitary walk both in the morning and in the afternoon, on both Saturday and Sunday. When I say solitary, I mean very solitary - see above and below. I was - ridiculously - slightly nervous that a Bad Man might leap out from behind a hedge where he'd been waiting on the off-chance that a plump, slightly sore-legged 71-year-old carrying nothing valuable might come along.

For example, I decided not to go down this lane with overhanging trees. Foiled you, Bad Man.

On the Saturday night, we watched, on tv and iPad, Emma Raducanu winning the US Open tennis. 

As you can see, we were quite pleased at the result, though actually since she was born in Canada of a Chinese mother and a Romanian father, she's not perhaps the very Britishest person one has ever met. She certainly sounds British though and plays jolly good tennis, so we're happy to claim the credit. 

On my Sunday walks, I met lots of sheep 

and a butterfly or two

but still no people. I was less nervous by then, though - for no actual reason. It's annoying and pretty irrational to feel a bit anxious in an empty lane. I wonder if a man would? 

On Sunday night we had a meal out. The weather was dull for most of the weekend but the sun obligingly came out to look pretty as we went into the hotel. 

And today I decided to walk with the group, since it was only 2 and a half miles, and my leg was pretty ok. 

Altogether it was a wonderful weekend. We've known most of these people since we were young, and it was such fun, with lots of laughs - good for the soul.



  1. It sounds like you adapted fine to your situation and had a wonderful time with your friends. I think I almost got to go on this trek a couple years ago. It looks like lots of fun! I would have loved it, although I've never been a huge fan of watching tennis. (or golf)

  2. Sounds like a wonderful slice if "Normal Life". Taking pleasure in these things seems more important than ever, doesn't it!
    Wasn't the tennis great! And NO squealing or grunting! Bliss.

  3. OH, I would have so loved to keep you company on your shorter walks! I'm trying to take walks again, but with my wonky leg a mile is about as far as I am comfortable, too. When we visited the Lake District, we stayed at an old coaching inn and pub close to the train station (Station Inn) in Oxenholme (up a HUGE hill!) It is certainly beautiful country and I would have loved to take a nice walk. And yes, we were cheering for Miss Raducanu, as well. My hubby is a tennis fanatic (he is a coach for a school team) and he is so tired of the same old people winning all the time. He was happy to see new fresh faces!

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