Sunday, January 02, 2022

Here we go again

Well, yes. I wish I were confident that 2022 was going to be better. But at least 2021 was better than 2020, so maybe that's going to be the trend. 

We brought the New Year in at Daughter 1's, with her family and lovely in-laws, so that was nice. The children stayed up, which was a first. Then the next morning we watched the concert from Vienna - wonderful, but Daniel Barenboim's getting old. As are we all....

(When I was a student, I worked one summer at the Festival Office, selling tickets for the Edinburgh Festival (the proper one, not the Fringe). Daniel Barenboim's wife, the amazing cellist Jacqueline Du Pre, was to play at some concerts, but they were cancelled. I remember a customer saying to me, "Do you think she's having a baby?" and I thought - oh yes, that would be nice. But sadly that was the end of her career because she'd developed multiple sclerosis - at 28 - and died at 42. So, so sad.)

Daughter 1, family and lovely in-laws came to us for dinner on the 1st, so that was very good too. 

There's a crocus blooming in the garden. It's a bit early, but encouraging. 

Today was mild and beautiful so we went for a walk along the river. 

We sat for a bit outside the gallery, admiring the sky and the landform and the pool.

And then we descended the steps to the river, 

and walked along in the sunshine. So lovely.

My brother sent me this, which is rather amusing. 

Daughter 2, her husband and little one have now all recovered and have tested negative for Covid, so were able to leave the flat today. Hooray! All the rest of their party got Covid too, but happily no one is terribly ill. So that's something - quite a lot. But they should be up here just now and aren't. O woe. Ah well. 

Happy New Year, all. 



  1. Covid is everywhere here so I suspect that the first part of 2022 is going to be a mess with disruptions to all sorts of things. I'm resigned to it, although very, very tired of it. Your holiday sounds delightful with many family doings.

  2. The Grauniad's short letters are always good!

  3. I do hope that you will be face to face with a 3D Daughter 2 et al very very soon x I love that newspaper clipping! Fair play to the letters editor!

  4. Happy New Year Pam! I hope DD2 and her family will soon be able to visit. And hoping that 2022 is finally the year to get a grip on this COVID stuff — I fear we’re in for the long haul… XO

  5. A bit late, but Happy New Year to you. I hope everyone in your family is now much better after Covid. I had it back in November, unsurprisingly ,as I was teaching in a school with lots of staff and children off. It was only a matter of time… I’ve now had my booster, so hopefully if I do get it again it’ll be equally as mild. I agree with what you said in your last post, if only everyone would get the jab so that our health service wasn’t being pushed to the edge again. My daughter managed to have glandular fever over Christmas which meant that my son didn’t come home as his partner is a hospital doctor, and they thought it too risky. Fortunately my daughter improved very quickly after a couple of good night’s sleep,(after 10 days of not sleeping very well!) and my son managed to come home for New Year, and his partner went to her parents as they’d been off work for a week by then and felt safer, so all was not lost!

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