Thursday, January 27, 2022

Ceaseless activity 2

And then later on Sunday evening, Daughter 2 arrived with Littlest Granddaughter. They had been going to come up soon anyway, but this was precipitated when LG's nursery had a spot inspection by Environmental Health, and evidence was found of mice - so the nursery was closed down. Daughter 2 has to work, so Granny and Grandpa's Nursery took over while Daughter 2 worked upstairs. LG enjoyed, for example, playing with Big Grandson's Brio - which he has, sadly, more or less grown out of. 

One day I took L:ittlest to the museum. We had a lovely time.

This was her learning about the sound a rattlesnake makes. Or possibly she was just enjoying pressing the buttons.

At the weekend, Son, Daughter-in-Law and their two came down. I'm not quite sure what this game was about. 

Here are Medium and Littlest Granddaughters having a chat. 

On the Sunday, we went to the Botanics with them all and the Edinburgh family - 12 of us. I pitied the people behind us in the queue at the cafe. Among us we ordered 19 items. Ooops. Then we went back to ours for tea. 

It was so lovely to see them all playing together. 

On Monday Mr L and I took Littlest to Lauriston Castle, where (I'm happy to report) she didn't fall into the pond.

She ran around the Japanese Garden. 

It was a beautiful day. 

But now, alas, they've gone. 

It took us a while but we've now changed the beds of the six visitors and put away most of the toys and books. 

I wish that they all lived nearer one another and us. These get-togethers are very worthwhile, but hard work, especially as we get older. And it's sad not to know some of our grandchildren as well as we know the Edinburgh ones. But there we are. We're lucky to have them at all. 


  1. What a wonderful treat to have everyone together! Mice, ugh! I've been to that museum; it was excellent. I'm waiting for the New York daycare to close again for Covid which it already has once. I would be happy to nanny for them but I'm too far away. Sniff.

  2. You are a blessed and wonderful bunch. I'm sad about the Brio. Today I took the blue bin of ours and put it into the eaves cupboard that I cleared for just such a purpose - the putting away of the Brio and the Duplo and the Mr Potato Head and the Connex thingymabobs, and even the huge crate of Nerf artillery. Did you read Gretchen's post about time? I could be writing a post just like yours in a blink, methinks. But then, only if I'm blessed as you x

  3. that looks just perfect! My dad was very happily telling me about an unexpected weekend with his first great-grand-baby coming to stay ... now there is something to look forward to

  4. Sorry to hear you need the op, but everyone I know who has had it done didn’t have any major problems at all, and it’s given them a new lease of life! My fingers are firmly crossed that you don’t have to wait too long.
    It must have been lovely to have all those grandchildren with you, thanks for sharing the pictures! PennyL in Dorset x

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