Saturday, April 09, 2022

Nice people and not-so-nice ones...

We've had a lovely visit from Son and family. On Thursday we went to the playpark, where things like this happened. 

On Friday we went to the museum, which was fun,

and then there was a certain amount of what my dad called "noise and nonsense" in the garden. 

And today we went to the Botanics with the Edinburgh family, where Medium and Big Granddaughters walked around together, chatting a lot. Medium thinks Big is very fine, and Big is very good with her little cousin. 

It was a beautiful day and we had a good time. 

We did however miss Daughter 2 and Littlest Granddaughter. The latter was busy being a unicorn in the garden in London. 

Daughter 2 and her husband have been having a terrible time, trying to buy a house with the mad English system which allows people to pull out of agreements at the eleventh hour. It's taken ages, and for weeks the chap they're trying to buy from has been saying that he's got a better offer and might take that if they don't hurry up. And they've been trying their best to chivvy unresponsive lawyers and estate agents. Finally it looked as if things had been sorted out and they were thinking that they might move on the 21st of this month. And then the chap who's supposed to be buying their flat lowered his offer by £8000. To cut a long story short, we all decided that they'd better just accept this (though it's very annoying and financially difficult) rather than lose the house. So it looks as if it's going ahead again, though no chickens are being counted. 

After they'd accepted his offer in November, their boiler was being inefficient so they got a new boiler, at the cost of £1000, because they thought they couldn't decently sell him the flat with a boiler that was just limping along. Hmm.... 

Ah well, as we've all being telling ourselves, it's only money. 

And now our house is quiet again. And tidy. Which is sad but on the other hand, has its good points. 



  1. That looks like such a wonderful time! It's delightful when you can enjoy those places with the farther away family too. Ashley and Ryan are trying to buy a house here (from New York but with a great realtor) and it's a bidding war. Everything is SO expensive. It's discouraging.

  2. So lovely having your family around to enjoy. All your grands are looking so big. What happened to those sweet little babies?! Hard to believe that the house hasn't closed and has been in 'escrow' (that's what we call it) since November. In Southern California, the escrow office takes a deposit of money and if the buyer backs out they lose the money. Also, to sell for 8,000lb less is a large sum. Oh well, the best way to look at it is it won't make a bit of difference in 5 years. You weather looks great. Have a happy and blessed Easter. Patty McDonald

  3. Family and Spring - each is uplifting and together what a thrill. We decided to split Easter gathering with my d-i-l and son as they wanted to invite friends that do not have family locally. I just didn't feel that we had the room for 7 adults and 5 little ones for an indeterminate amount of time.... so I volunteered to do the egg hunt and appetizers directly after church. Then we will migrate over to son and d-i-l's BIG house for the meal and everyone can hang out there as long as they like. Grandpa and I will come home when all the excitement gets too much for us ;-) However, I am making a lot of the food and am now in the midst of deviled eggs (3 doz), Hot Cross Buns, a sheet cake and potato casserole. Better get back to it!!! Have a lovely Holiday!

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