Thursday, June 23, 2022

Summer sun

Life whizzes on at an alarming rate and we're busy busy busy with gardening, family things and a bit of socialising. We went to Vogrie Country Park with the Edinburgh Two the other week and walked through the woods...

looked at frogs in the river - and stuff like that. 

I had a coffee outside the art galllery and it was chilly for June. But I was served by a girl from Sicily, who said it was 48 degrees there. I'd much rather be chilly. 

But then it got warm. The garden is flourishing. 


I love it. 

The indoor plants are flourishing too. 

Big Granddaughter decided to get her hair cut much shorter. 

And Big Grandson got the Brio out. 

Daughter 2 and her husband have built a climbing frame for Littlest Granddaughter in their new garden. It was quite a lot of work. 

And we walked along the coast with our walking friends. 

Such a lovely day, with nice people. 

When all the family were at ours the other weekend, Medium Granddaughter asked if I could make her a dragon quilt. Whereupon her little brother asked if I could make him a dinosaur quilt. Well, obviously yes! I didn't have any fabrics featuring dragons or dinosaurs so sent for a couple of each. The trouble with buying fabrics over the internet is that sometimes the patterns don't turn out to be the size you expect. Those middle dragons are rather large! - though I like them. Hmm. By contrast, the dinosaurs are maybe too much the same size. Needs some thought. 

And back to the garden: it's clematis time. 

I love them. So do snails.

Big Grandson (who's about to be 11! - how did that happen?) loves drawing street scenes and trains, such as this picture that he WhatsApped yesterday. The perspective isn't quite right but there's a lot of detail. He has about six sketch books full of pictures like this. It's so interesting, watching them all grow up - a consolation for getting old. 


  1. What a talented artist Big Grandson has developed into! And Big Granddaughter's hair is such a lovely rich colour! We're been busy over here with children recovering fro having tonsils and adenoids out, and therefore needing home care. Followed by the whole family going down with the perfectly foul flu that is doing the rounds. And while they're sick we can't visit, so our help is limited. And it's winter, and suddenly very cold, so everyone is stuck. I envied you your coastal walk.
    Good to hear you are all well.

  2. He is a great artist! Much better than I. Big granddaughter's hair looks beautiful but lighter than I remember and more reddish. What a lot of gorgeous flowers you have and such beautiful places to walk!

  3. Wow! Big Grandson's drawings are amazing! It's so fun that he's kept up with his transportation drawings -- I remember when he was drawing them as a little boy. Your oldest grands are getting so big. Our oldest turned 6 this week -- it seems impossible and makes me feel older and older. And the garden! It's looking so beautiful!!!

  4. Your garden is looking very lovely. I'm sure Grandad could show N how to angle those windscreens back not forward. . ( so glad we came to UK11 years ago. I don't think it will happen again for us )