Thursday, June 30, 2022



Life continues its giddy whirl. I don't quite know why I feel the need to fill every day with ceaseless activity (well, not ceaseless, but constant) but I do. Such as making this dragon quilt for Medium Granddaughter, at her request. I have no idea whether she remembers asking for it (she's only 5) but anyway, it's coming on and I'm having fun. 

For some reason we had very few commitments this week so have been getting on with a few tasks that have been on the agenda for some time. For example,  we won't have any more grandchildren (sigh) so have been selling or otherwise disposing of various baby items, such as these two cots. The one on the left used to be our own children's cot, so it's far from new and we're offering it free. The one on the right is virtually unused so we asked something for it and sold it to a delightful young couple, she obviously pregnant. 

We're also selling, we hope, both a double and a single buggy (stroller). 

People do ask fairly dumb questions. Such as - for the free cot - "How much are you asking for it?" (It says in the advert that it's free.) And, "Does the double buggy fold really small?" I could only think to say, "Not really very small. It's about twice the width of a single buggy." I mean... 

I made the mistake of using both Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree and am slightly foozled trying to answer questions from potential buyers on both sites. However - think of the space we'll create in the house! 

Daughter 2 and family are at Center Parcs on holiday with her in-laws. They're having a lovely time

and are enjoying the blackboard in their lodge. "Draw a fairy, Mummy. Now make it fly."

As I write this, I'm being distracted by more messages from potential buyers. So I shall, for the sake of my sanity and possibly yours, desist from doing this. 


  1. I admire your bravery! I end up just giving it away on the local buy nothing group rather than deal with Facebook Marketplace, but I don't have anything that's worth any money .... those dragons are absolutely lovely, I like that they're a proper size! And the colours are perfect for pride month :)

  2. happy birthday to you!!!

  3. What a cute dragon quilt! I'll bet medium granddaughter will love it! Very sad about selling of baby items, but at least you can do it. I just keep hoarding LOL.