Sunday, August 14, 2022

Visiting and visitors

Well, by some miracle we got away, nobody else developed Covid and we had our holiday by the sea. There were twelve of us: two daughters, one son, one son- and one daughter-in-law, five grandchildren (11, 9, 6, nearly 5, 3), Mr L and me, in two houses a couple of minutes' drive apart. 

Was it good fun? Mostly. Was it restful? Nope. Did the children enjoy it? Yes, almost all the time. The 3-year-old boy thought the 11-year old boy was splendid, the two little girls thought the 9-year-old girl was wonderful and the two bigger ones were pretty patient with the little ones. Nevertheless, rallying twelve people and feeding them is quite challenging! But everything went pretty well and now we're home. 

Son was very good at playing with them in the garden. They loved it. 

He's quite strong! 

And beaches are always popular. 

The little gang. 


Besties again. 

Engineering works. 

Our nephew, a musician performing at the Festival Fringe, arrived the day before we left and looked after the house in peace while we were away. Now it's slightly less peaceful because the day we got back (with Daughter 2 and Littlest Granddaughter), Daughter 2's friend, her partner and four-year-old son arrived for four days - the partner has a film at the Film Festival. And they're all lovely, and the two four-year-olds are having a great time together but it doesn't make for a tidy house. And tonight our nephew's fiancee (please imagine the accent on this) is arriving for a week. Nephew and his young lady are no trouble at all but the house will now be officially FULL.


  1. What great times you're having with family! Restful, definitely not! But that kind of trip makes wonderful memories for everyone. I was delighted to have the kids staying with me although it's more quiet and peaceful with them in their own house.

  2. I'm so relieved you all got together, and no-one got ill. I've checked, but theheadin "the bug strikes" kelt me depressed! enjoy the Bedlam, and clean up as they leave! Definitely the path of least resistance, but also the road to sanity!

  3. I think you were near St Michael's Mt ?
    R and I both have Covid at present. Sore throat part horrid. I got it off D in L.
    Glad your R is ok. Hope you stay safe.

  4. How absolutely lovely that looks! Cousins are the best ... I spent at least ten minutes wondering about why the fiancee can't do accents (is she foreign? is it a scots thing? has she been kicked out of drama school?) before it clicked. Enjoy your full house (and the empty house when they leave)

  5. Oh My Gosh - it looks like you have all had the best time! I can't imagine how tired you must be though -- my three wear me out. You must've been in heaven -- and don't the pictures of your little besties just melt your heart? I'm so glad none of the rest of you got Covid and that Mr. L has recovered. I hope September brings you a long rest! ;-D