Sunday, July 31, 2022

The bug strikes...

Well, on the positive side, my agapanthus. which had a measly five flowers last year for some reason, is back to its normal self this year. I realise that it's a menace in some places - and indeed, I'd have to hire a digger if I wanted to remove it from this flowerbed outside my kitchen window - but I do love it. 

On the negative side, Mr L has at last succumbed to Covid. He's in bed, feeling pretty unwell, and I have all the doors propped open, allowing what is today a slightly chilly wind to whistle through the house, in the hope that this will mean that I didn't get it from him a few days ago when we didn't know he had it. Not sure if this will work retrospectively. The timing is appalling, since Daughter 2 is arriving imminently to be with us all of August, while I look after Littlest Granddaughter and Daughter 2 works. I feel fine at the moment... .

And the extended family is supposed to be going down to Northumberland, to two very expensive holiday cottages, on Friday, for a week. Mr L is driving our car because I don't do big roads.

We're going to have to be very lucky for all this to work... .

Send positive thoughts, bloggy friends!



  1. Positive thoughts sent...if no-one else has it, you will make it

  2. Should I send positive or negative thoughts? I'm certainly hoping that you stay negative and that Mr. L is soon negative. You have lots going on and no time to be sick! My best for Mr. L's quick recovery. xo

  3. Consider them sent. And fingers crossed for your Northumberland trip. We are virtually Northumberlanders (4 miles from the border) and it is an absolutely wonderful part of the country.

  4. aaaargh, why is it always at the worst possible time!!! I hope he gets better quickly and everybody else avoids it ... what a pain. Your agapanthus are lovely - I worked with a woman from the UK who called them 'ornamental onions' which I thought was the worst ever name for a flower