Wednesday, December 21, 2022


The first of the (ten) visitors arrived yesterday: Daughter 2 and Littlest Granddaughter. The latter is very sweet (well, they both are) but something of a whirlwind. Daughter 2 is working from home, so we're Littlest-sitting. 

Here she is being relatively static. 

And here she's playing with the 1980s Shuffly Castle, which proved a big hit even though the princess and the queen don't shuffle as well as they did in 1980. Mind you, who does? 

Tonight, Daughters 1 and 2 and their children and I went to the light show at the Botanics. This is the photo that I took before my phone slipped from my hand and its screen smashed. Sigh. 

Now for a hot bath and bed with a good book. Tomorrow, the museum (if the whirlwind agrees). 


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  1. How wonderful to have the family gathering! I'm going to Zoolights next week with John and his younger daughter's family. I look forward to the pretty lights although the cold is daunting. A smashed phone screen-oh, no! I had a protector on mine which got broken after a couple drops and looked bad but the screen itself wasn't damaged. Now I have a new one on there and it's back to perfect. (for now)