Saturday, May 27, 2023

Retirement - so busy!

The only trouble about going away on holiday is that the garden romps away in one's absence and not always in a good way. And then of course we had our American visitors, during which the same thing happened. So this week has featured a bit of garden tidying but also various other busyness - not unpleasant but not remarkable. And some socialising. Very important. 

On Saturday we went for a walk with the walking friends in West Lothian, to the west of Edinburgh. 

It featured lots of countryside in bloom, such as this cow parsley - so pretty. 

And bluebells - the invasive Spanish kind, so one disapproves, but they give a lovely splash of colour. 

And the pink version, with campion in the background. 

It was a perfect day for walking - mild, no wind, no sun. Though it wasn't so good for photography, granted. 

And gorse and, in the foreground, rose bay willowherb, another thug (which will look lovely in a few weeks). 

Do you see the squirrel on the branch above the walkers? It's metal, so it sat conveniently still. I have no idea why it's there. We went for nearly 7 miles and it was absolutely wonderful but we were glad to sit down for a coffee at the end of it. 

And we've seen quite a bit of our beloved Edinburgh grandchildren. Big Grandson is still drawing street scenes with cartoon polar bears. He points out that they're easier to draw than people. 

Big Granddaughter drew him a polar bear as a present. She's a very loving little sister - most of the time. 

They do still play with the Brio, but not nearly as often as before. They're growing up (sigh). Big Grandson is taller than me and is nearly 12. Help!


  1. You juggle a lot of activities, making for a rewarding whole. My other half is in the process of retirement but has agreed to teach half of a university course later in the year, so it is still a work in progress. I 'heard' the "most of the time" - our 8 and just 5 can be gorgeous together, and then WW3 breaks out, very noisily. It drives me crazy. Today we had a lovely day at the zoo, then shrieks and catfights on the way home, until I stopped the car until it desisted. I think it's fairly normal sibling behaviour but as we had an Only, it's outside out experience!

    1. Oh, they get on very well. Just occasional irritations, no fights!

  2. I love the polar bears. My youngest used to draw penguins all the time.
    Sibling squabbles are very wearing, but then they grow up to be the best of friends as adults - usually!

  3. The polar bears are wonderful; he's so talented! I need to stay with my walking since I've been getting too busy to fit one in every day. Then I get out of the habit.

  4. Good to see Big Grandson still drawing what he wants, and not what is expected ...keep it going!!

  5. I can see him writing and illustrating a book one day. His scenes are so complex and interesting. The polar bears just make it.

    1. Aw, thanks. He's drawn train and tube maps for all his imaginary towns too. I think he's slightly on the autistic spectrum, but only in a good way - he's a lovely chap.