Thursday, May 11, 2023

The river

The only trouble about having visitors is that while they're there, one doesn't do the mundane householdy/life-task things. So in the last few days, we've been boringly doing these. And you know how it is: you do something and then realise that you have to do something else first. But today the sun shone and it was warm and we walked along to the gallery for coffee. Look! People sheltering under sun umbrellas. (No, it wasn't exactly that hot.)

Then we walked down the steps and home along the river. These aren't the right sort of bluebells - they're the Spanish variety, and a terrible weed - but they look pretty. 

The trees have suddenly burst into full leaf. 

The river flowed very smoothly. 

In the park, the cherry blossom is mainly on the ground now, but it's still bonny. 

These blobs on the river are a mum and dad mallard and their two babies. I'm sure there ought to be more babies, but - well, let's not think about that.

And now I must go and do some more boring tasks. 



  1. We have many of those weed bluebells; I too find them pretty. Who decides what's a weed and what's not anyway? I love going out for coffee on nice days!

  2. Definitely too good to stay in and do housework!