Wednesday, November 08, 2023

Needles and stitches and so on

Well, I've had the hip replacement and am back home and doing ok, though I wouldn't describe the experience as the most tremendous fun... Many thanks to those who wished me well. Denice, who commented very encouragingly, must be made of stronger stuff than I am. It was, and is, just what you'd expect from having the top of your thigh sawn off and replaced by a bit of metal. It hurts somewhat and you feel a bit wobbly afterwards. But it's fine, and I look forward to the point at which it hurts less than it did before the op - which is not the case right now. And our children sent me lovely flowers. 

The surgeon phoned up last night, which I thought was impressively caring for a chap who does several of these things every day (I assume). He's a really nice chap and he asked how I was doing and I said that I was fine. And then he paused and said, "There was something a bit odd with your post-operative x-ray." And I thought - oh dear. He went on, "There seems to be a sewing needle embedded in your thigh. Does that sound possible?"

Since my mother died in 2012, I've made 25 quilts, hand-quilting them while sitting on the sofa watching tv. Every now and then, I drop a needle, and we search the sofa cushions for them and usually find them. Occasionally, I think, we've not found one and thought - oh well, it'll turn up.

It has now turned up.

He suggested that I should just leave it if it's not causing me any trouble. I'm hoping that the pain in my leg was caused by my needing a new hip, not just by my having a needle in my thigh... . 

He was polite enough not to laugh while on the phone, but I suspect that I've now become one of his funny stories. He's sent me the x-ray and... yup. Completely inside, at right-angles to the side of my leg. 

A few years ago, I was emptying the dishwasher and felt something sharp in my index finger. I couldn't see anything and there was nothing obviously broken in the dishwasher, but I thought it must be a sliver of glass. I went to the doctor and he said that it would probably come out by itself. A year passed and I still had a sore finger. Then one day I felt a sharp pain and there was a tiny bit of glass sticking out, so I pulled it out - problem solved. I don't really fancy the idea of finding just the tip of a needle protruding from my thigh. Hmm. Just stay there, needle. 

Life's never dull...


  1. I'm pleased to read that all went well with your hip replacement but I did laugh at the needle in your thigh. It's strange how things can remain within for such a long time; I had a small piece of brick in my knee for years from when I was a child.
    Keep well, relax and don't forget the exercises . . .

  2. Things can take years to work through and out! The body is a wonderful thing.
    Heal well...and keep moving!

  3. So happy to hear of your progress but a sewing needle? It's hard to believe that you wouldn't have felt it! I hope that continues to be the case.

  4. That is definitely in the "You're not going to believe this" category! You go walking with Mr L and your walking Group, you prance around with the grandchildren... all with a needle in your leg!!! I'm astounded! I do hop each day the hip improves, and soon you're feeling 100% better. I'm still shaking my head in amazement!

  5. The story of the needle had me in stitches. Really, though, I hope you mend quickly and well.

  6. Happy to hear you are out the other side. But that needle has me wincing. What a shame they didn’t notice it while they were in there.

  7. I am glad to hear you are doing well after the hip but I can't stop laughing about the embedded needle in your thigh. I'm sorry to think it's funny, but this story I will take with me to our quilt retreat! And yes, you can believe your surgeon is telling this story at the next dinner party! Get well, soon!

  8. Oh my goodness! I'm so glad to know that you have gotten the operation and are moving on to recovery. My best wishes to you! And I almost laughed out loud about the needle in your leg! You would think they could have just pulled it out while they were in there (but I see the sentence says post-op x-ray, so probably too late). I imagine you are not alone in this strange malady.... myself included, but not that I know of -yet. ;-) I have news this week in my blog. Pop over when you have time.

  9. OHMYGOSH! I was reading along and got to the part where "I'm hoping that the pain in my leg was caused by my needing a new hip, not just by my having a needle in my thigh..." and I exclaimed out loud and called Jim over so I could read him your post. I'm so sorry I've missed your whole surgery and recovery but glad to hear it went well -- well, aside from the needle thing -- now THAT is a quilter's tale! Does it not bother you at all? That's amazing! Anyway, I do have a good excuse for being so awful at keeping up -- e-mail coming as soon as I finish catching up with you ...