Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Good and not so good

I'm a bit discouraged – nothing new or drastic, but much too busy, rather worried about various insoluble things and generally feeling that life is hard work. So here are some pictures of some pleasant things from the last couple of weeks. As you can see, our son washed "his" car the weekend before last, which the catlets found very interesting.
Hello. Do you like our bells and magnets?

We then went to the Botanic Gardens, one of our favourite places. There's still a lot of colour even though it's nearly autumn. Rudbeckias make a wonderful splash of sunshine.

These colours aren't exactly subtle but they're cheerful.

This Sunday, we took the family to lunch at the Goblin Ha' at Gifford, in East Lothian. It was mild and actually quite sunny, though not when I took the photos.

Gifford is a pretty little place, though not improved by all those cars. There are two nice pub/restaurants, so quite a few people come at weekends.

Here's the village hall: quite impressive for a two-street village.

Then we went home.

My garden isn't quite the Botanics, but it's still reasonably colourful. Begonias...

... sweet peas...

... some beautiful roses...

... and lots of fuchsias.
And then it was Monday again.


  1. Those Catlets are growing fast! They do look very handsome there together.
    And what a nice tour. All the wonderful greens, & your pretty garden.

  2. .....but what a lovely weekend!

  3. Yes ugh. Monday again. Sorry to hear you're feeling blue -- I know just how it is, with working and everything. Years ago I told a young guy just starting out that I lived from vacation to vacation. He laughed at me and thought I was nuts. I got my laugh in when later, now married and with children, he called to tell me he felt the same way. In between weekends and vacations it's just one foot in front of the other. We need more time to do the fun things! The catlets are darling -- now we'll be able to tell Sirius from Cassie -- dare I assume that Cassie is the one in pink?

  4. The flowers are absolutely beautiful! Sweet Peas are my favorite, but, along with the others in my garden, they have not faired too well. With bugs, neglect from foolish running, and other chores, they are sad... I envy your beautiful flowers-and the kitties are lovely, too. :)
    Take care, Isabelle! Sending you pleasant thoughts!

  5. Lovely photos! I just laugh whenever I see those kittens. They are so cute. I love their fluro collars!

    I got a tingle of something when you mentioned East Lothian. As stupid as that sounds.

    I have spent many a year researching my family history, which led me to West Lothian. For a while, I thought Lothian was a town name, and East and West were each end of it, so to speak, so it caused me some confusion for a while. I got it sorted in the long run though. :)

  6. I just love your kittens, Isabelle. My sweetpeas are deader than dead. In fact, so is most of th egarden, although there are still new shoots on the roses, so I may have another season of them yet.
    I hope you are ok. Really ok. Look after yourself.

  7. Love seeing your photos - reminds me of the almost two years I spent in Scotland. Your garden looks lovely, reminder to me to get into ours now it is spring over here. The kittens (catlets)look just so cute with their collars.

    Feeling in a similar frame of mind to you, maybe hormonal??

  8. Hey ho, yes, life... Must be cheering to come home to those little dears every day, though.

  9. Re your comment about me spending time in Scotland. My parents immigrated to NZ from Glasgow before I was born. I always wanted to go and visit - so age 19 I left NZ and spent time in Scotland, England, etc meet my husband on the way and we came back to NZ and married.

  10. You've got two left cats there!
    Busy time of year for teaching, and somehow the wind down to autumn, especially before the clocks go back, always seems hard work. One foot in front of another! Plenty still out in the garden though.
    If you've any time, there are a couple of memes over at mine I've tagged you for, the first one shouldn't take too long...

  11. You have a very pretty garden, Isabelle. I've just planted 3 dozen bedding begonias for some summer colour. I love fuchsias, too.

  12. Do you do gardening advice? I want to plant some flowers in pots on my patio, any suggestions on what is good for this time of year?

  13. Those are great kitty photos. They are darling with their colorful little colors and bells... and magnets? I have to back up and read about the magnets again. I remember laughing so hard when you posted it.

    The villages are so cute in the UK.

  14. Such alert-looking catlets you have! They look as though they're plotting something.

    The botanic gardens look intriguing. All of your photos look intriguing, actually. I'd like to drop into them and wander around. You do realize that for someone sitting where I am, they're almost unbearably exotic?

    I'm sorry about the life-is-hard-work and other blues. I hope they'll disperse like storm clouds.

  15. Up to no good, them catlets ...

    But very handsome.

    You know, if you change just one letter in catlet, you get some interesting food for thought ...

    I REALLY do like tigers .... especially black ones ....

  16. I have to keep showing that dual-portrait to the Little Woolly Boy, we laugh and answer:

    "Yes, we LOVE your bells and magnets!"

  17. Ah Isabelle, I wish Helen could see these photos, she would just drool over them. A true Anglophile, she calls herself. Love the latest catlets pix!!

  18. Anonymous7:59 pm

    Those kitties are too cute!!