Sunday, September 02, 2007

Slightly lesser kittens

Scene: Daughter 2's bedroom first thing this morning. Daughter 2 and I are sitting on her bed in our pyjamas, having a chat.

Son wanders in, also in pyjamas, having just come downstairs from his room.

Me: What are you eating?

Son: A chocolate.

Me: Before breakfast?

Son: Oh, you know. It's an aperitif.

Daughter 2 [nodding approvingly]: An amuse-bouche.

(Education, you know. It' s a wonderful thing.)

(You'll be glad to know that the kittens are now home and have recovered from their nasty experiences at the vet's. )


  1. Hmmm. Chocolate as an amuse-bouche? That may appeal to more people than a mushroom cappuccino!

    Glad to hear the kittens have recovered! They'll be right back to their wicked ways, I assume.

  2. Some things should not be taught to children. :)

    Good to hear about the kittens.

  3. Glad the kitties made it home safe. I'm sending my partner off for a similar procedure next week! Maybe I'll let him have chocolate for pre-breakfast on the day after.

  4. I think you have wisely saved yourself and the kitties much heartbreak.

    Miss babby was a precocious little gal and came on heat early. she found herself an extremely unsuitable boyfriend (at her age!), and although the entire suburb knew what they were up to, we kept the ensuing medical procedure as quiet as possible.

    The yowling had to be heard to be believed...truly.
    (hussy! and she looks so innocent!!)

    if I ate choccy for breakfast I would have a seizure.

  5. Chocolate... well, dairy products seem vaguely suitable for breakfast!
    Good to hear th ekittens survived their trauma.

  6. Chocolate before breakfast can be no less strange to some people than aniseed rings for supper (says she, munching on her 8th, at 11.30 pm).
    Poor little kitties! It's all for the best, although they wouldn't agree, lol!

  7. Poor kitties that had surgery... ouch!

    Chocolate for an amuse bouche? That's OK if you're serving something with chocolate in it for breakfast... like Choc. chip pancakes. Yum!

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    Congrats to a NICE person!

  8. The young can get away with eating things like chocolate for brekky. And other times of day.
    Glad the Kitties are safely 'done'.

  9. My sister has been know to eat trifle for breakfast, followed by whatever happens to be in the fridge, usually something totally unhealthy, In fact, the unhealthier the better is her view. The kits don't look to be too upset by their experience, thank goodness. But then, they bounce back very well from everything, don't they. Our dear little cat seemed to bounce back very quickly after eye surgery and always managed a wink from the stitched socket. A bit unnerving at times.

  10. Awww, look at the kitties! They're hiding from you. They're ready to duck down again at any minute, in case you should come after them with those surgical thoughts again. Poor, poor dears. ;-) Smart, smart children. Nothing like chocolate first thing int he morning! Or any time of the day for that matter.