Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Cats and bedding and other matters

Of course we still really do like Sheepcat. All credit to him for his pacifist tendencies – an example that various world leaders would do well to emulate. Retreat with dignity (and – but only if you’re Sheepcat - spray the neighbours’ hedge as you go, just to prove your virility).

The catlets aren’t always stalwart. For example, the other day they experienced their first rain. They didn’t like it. They rushed inside. They then looked round with relief to find that rain was no longer falling on them and rushed out again, only to find themselves rained on once more. They kept trying; in, out, in, out. You could see them thinking, “How come it stops raining whenever we come in and then starts again the very second that we go outside?”

Then you could see an “Aha!” form inside Sirius’s head – he decided to try another door. It was raining in the front garden, yes, but maybe if he tried the back garden?

Life is full of disappointments.

But there are nice surprises too. For example, here they are last night – Husband and Daughter 2 were watching tv together and felt a little chilly, so got themselves a rug.
The catlets liked this.

We got a new mattress delivered today. The catlets liked that too. Here’s the old one in the hall, waiting to be removed…

and here’s the new one in the bedroom, waiting to be put on the bed. The catlets thought this was a splendid innovation, just right for allowing access to the top of the wardrobe. Fortunately it was pristine up there. Or is it that black cats don’t show the dust…?

They’re good at climbing but they’re not good at using the catflap unless it’s held open for them. They just don’t seem to fancy pushing it with their heads. Today I tried to demonstrate for Sirius. Getting down on all fours, I proceeded, head first, as far as I could get through the catflap. I then turned round to see the effect of this on my pupil. He had turned his back and was washing his bottom.
I’m a born teacher.


  1. Am cackling quietly away to myself, hoping not to bother any of the other library patrons. Those catlets are too cute! Casper also loves a change from routine, as in when I move furniture to clean under or around...Life is such an adventure! Enjoyed your post about Sheepcat....Had been wondering if they had made his aquaintance yet.Looks like they aquitted themselves well!

    Still giggling at mental pictures of Isabelle with head in the cat flap.....I have to be careful---they'll throw me out. Perhaps you could tone down the comedy a bit....

  2. Isabelle! You're hysterical! I'm very impressed with your housekeeping prowess -- a black cat would certainly show the dust and dirt on top of the wardrobe -- if there were any! ;-)

  3. That is a picture, you with your head in the flap and the catlet attending to personal hygiene while you went about your business!

  4. That cat flap story is funny.

    My cat still looks very uncomfortable going through his, even though he has been doing it for 5 years!

    If I am anywhere nearby when he wants to go out or come in, he will just sit there and wait, cos he knows this fool will walk over and hold it open for him!

  5. I greatly enjoyed your cat flap story.

    A friend of mine once remarked that cats are three dimensional animals. If one's dog is missing, for example, one merely need look on the floor or another low surface to find it. Cats, though, inhabit each of the three dimensions with aplomb, as demonstrated by your mattress climbers.

  6. Now THAT's a mental image I shall carry around all day!!

    So typical of a cat to find his own bum more interesting that your instructional display of the correct exit procedure.

  7. I can just see you trying to get through the catflap.... it has made my day! Still chuckling....

  8. These are the best cat advenures I've ever read ... and you are one super human to try to be their teacher when they think they know everything there is to know!

  9. Wonderful laugh to start the day!
    Those little catlets are very shiny & obviously very happily spoilt!
    Thinking about the rain- some outback children get to be 5 before they ever see any rain, either!
    It is dire here at present, though we are lucky on the coast, we have sporadic rain, to keep things green.

  10. Fantastic. I love cat logic. And that if you bring something new into their house they must immediately sit on it.

    Maybe you could line the door with faux fur fabric or something a bit plush that they'll be attracted to?

  11. You are a hoot, Isabelle. The mental image of you on all fours demonstrating 'how to use the cat flap' to a cat who was more interested in his bottom... that's hysterical!!

    I really enjoyed your previous post about the Sheepcat and the little ones. Your son's reaction at the end was worth a million.

    It's fun growing old with you!

  12. Laughing out loud here. I wonder what Sirius is saying in his blog.

  13. Black cats show dust, but they do not show soot. Our black cat decided he wanted to know where the chimney went, and experimented with ways to scramble up it, he never got very far, but he got VERY sooty, which we would never realize until picking him up and getting covered in grime. Did wonders for my white school shirts.

  14. Disappointed that there is no photo to support "your head in the catflap" ...

    And WHO has taught the little catlets that they are the "El Supremos"?

    I have my suspicions.

  15. It's reassuring to know that you know how to use a cat flap. I'll bet that comes in handy in an emergency... or not, hahaha.

    Your catlets are adorable.


  16. Your catlets are great!
    My tabby sisters are at this very minute hunting in a willow tree.
    I think they are having an early look for Xmas Robins.

  17. Oh dear, tears running down my face laughing at 12.40 am while I'm reading Isabelle's blog! Even funnier are the anecdotes following on the comments section, especially Rosemary's tale of the sooty black cat - LMAO!!!!
    Topsy is jealous of the catlets and has allowed herself to be photographed in all her black glory. Come and see!