Saturday, October 06, 2007

Middle name tag

No, of course our cats aren't allowed on beds. Look at Daughter 2's wry expression.

Lucy from Box Elder double-tagged me last week. Here’s the first task: to describe oneself using the letters of one’s middle name.

I have two middle names. One is Isabelle, but I thought I’d use my other middle name, May, so as to cut down the potential number of fascinating insights into my personality.

M: Maternal. I was never particularly maternal before having children, but the moment that Daughter 1 was put into my arms, I was besotted. Ever since then I’ve been a huge fan of all babies. Naturally, my babies were the most beautiful and intelligent ones ever born – and still are. Alas, I’m a regrettably clingy mother, not good at the whole bring-them-up-and-let-them-fly thing.

I do try, though. Daughter 1 nannied in Belgium and then went to Oxford University followed by the Shakespeare Institute at Stratford to do her Master’s. Daughter 2 did her first degree at Edinburgh but her Master’s at Sheffield, while Son… all right, he did both degrees at Edinburgh, but is off to New Zealand in March and April for an elective at a hospital in Nelson. He’s going with his young lady and they’re SO EXCITED, while I’m thinking – oh! my baby! on the other side of the world!

A: - I have a bit of trouble with this one. Anxious is what comes first to mind, but I wouldn’t like to think that I come across as nothing but a big anxious blob. Accommodating, maybe (sometimes too accommodating? Not good at saying no.) Awkward? Certainly I was awkward as in shy when I was young, though I do think that being obviously shy at my advanced age is a bit pathetic, so now I pretend not to be. Awkward as in difficult? Well, I dare say everyone is sometimes. I don’t try to be, anyway.

Y: There aren’t many adjectives beginning in Y. Yellow would probably fit quite well (see Anxious) but let’s not overemphasise this. Yearning? (if only x,y and z were different then life would be so much easier). Yappy? I have been known to chat. An adjective starting Yore… or Yester… would be appropriate. I’ve always been interested in the past and the recording of lives and have read lots and lots of published diaries and letters. And now, of course, I read lots of blogs, which catch the fleeting days like butterflies in a net and pin them on a sheet for passersby to admire.

Just think how long this post would have been if I’d given you Isabelle…

It's ok to allow cats in sinks, though? Much more hygenic. This is Cassie.

If any of the following would be prepared to be tagged and to tell us about themselves based on their middle names, please do so: Sheep's Clothing, Liz of Not in Your Ear and Smoke and Ash.

PS - I did this post and then managed to make it vanish. I know that there's a draft somewhere but where? so I redid it. (It was already a Word document so it wasn't that arduous.) Couldn't have my profound thoughts lost to the world, could I? So I'm also:

Mildly irritated
Annoyed with myself
Yes, an idiot


  1. A lovely post, and you're quite a good mom.

    The world always seems right somehow after I read your posts.

  2. Another fascinating insight into your life Isabelle. Thank you for sharing it with us. I find it hard to imagine you being awkward.

    I'm so glad you have those cats trained.

  3. Isabelle, You are never an idiot! I love to read your posts.
    Those catlets have a lot of fun!!

    I rather agree with Tanya, I somehow feel comforted after reading your posts.

  4. Is that a wry expression on your daughter's face, or a guilty one?

  5. And what's so wrong with living on this (the other) side of the world?

    I hope your son has a wonderful time in NZ. I'll mentally check up on him and you can do the same for my son and daughter who are presently living in Belgium

  6. Well done Isabelle. Your very healthy love for and pride in your children - and what a clever lot they are - really shines out and is one of the things that makes this blog such a warming thing! You may say you don't feel very good at letting them go, but it seems to me you do it very well, and if you are honest about finding it hard then you do it so much the better.
    And you don't come across as any kind of blob!

  7. lol I loved reading this post... I love it when people articulate what they are thinking so well! And wow - you're kids sound very successful and happy - which means you're a star mum!

  8. I have a really good friend, who is a doctor in Nelson. He used to be our doctor here, and if your son visits Wellington, they could always go and see my daughter and her friends! Nelson is spectacular. He will love it. But yes. It is a long way away.

  9. You tickle me with not ever mentioning your children's names, but showing pictures of them in pajamas and in their beds. You're funny!

    I love your bathroom sink. I've never seen one like that.

  10. Lucy tagged me for this, and I graciously declined (see about a week ago)- but thanks for thinking of me...

  11. Isabelle---google Erma Bombeck kites to read one of my favourite descriptions of raising children.....

  12. Ah, what a great entry. We gained such insight from just three letters -- think what would have been from Isabelle! I was going to say how lucky you've been to have such fine children, but somehow I think it wasn't luck but a lot of hard work and great mothering on your part! How exciting for your son -- a great adventure. Mine is anxious to spread his wings and go on and adventure too -- he's been invited to re-do that bad interview, so that's a good thing! As always, love the catlets!

  13. Your name is Isabelle Isabelle May Whateveryourlastnameis?



  14. How do you keep the cats off the bed?!? When mine were kittens, one slept curled around my head and one slept on my chest. Not too comfy -- for me, anyway.

    I worried and worried that I had no maternal feelings until I held my first dd. Wow -- the depth of my emotions were amazing from that moment forward. I don't think I'll be very good at letting them go.

  15. Cats in the sink is FINE, not to mention photogenic.

    We used to have a Burmesewho liked the bathroom a great deal. She'd follow anyone who went in there and watch all their ablutions with great interest. And then one day she started to use the toilet. You know, as a toilet. I kid you not. (Saved a helluva lot on kitty litter costs).

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