Wednesday, November 07, 2007


It's all very well to pontificate about ancient civilisations. But I get the feeling from comments that what people really want are pictures of cats. So here are some rather blurry ones from the day of Fifi's visit. (The cats aren't usually allowed in this room, which is kept cat-free for Daughter 1 and her beloved, who are allergic.)

This was a special treat for them. Honestly, O allergic ones. They've not been allowed in since.

You can't see Cassie in this picture, can you?
We saw only two cats in Rome, by the way and they both looked well-fed.


  1. I like your posts about ancient civilizations. Have you considered visiting Egypt? Then you could post about cats and ancient civilizations at the same time. Unfortunately, most of the cats would be of the deceased variety, mummified and therefore not particularly photogenic.

    Hmmm. Now that I think on it a bit more, perhaps the status quo is best.

  2. Your cats are great stars in the bloggy world, Isabelle!

    Now for something completely different... I am looking for new sofas, and I remember you getting new ones. Where did you get them from??? Are you happy with them? I have been sitting on so many and it is driving me crackers. I need help! I like the comfortable ones with a high enough back to lean back on. Nothing modern and elongated, you know, and I think I remember yours looking similar to what I am looking for!

  3. oh my, how they've grown...

  4. The kitty in the first pic is positively LUXURIATING in the joy of being in forbidden territory! Our cat is confined to the kitchen area (she has a catflap to get outside) for the same reason. Also, if she ever got into our boys' bedroom, she would blend in with the 473 soft toys they have and we would never find her again.

  5. Pontificate away Isabelle, as long as you keep the cat pictures coming.

    Had to chuckle at the timing of your "are you superwoman - how do you manage all this exercise" comment on my blog. It arrived during an exercise hiatus, during which I was feeling incredibly guilty at not getting out there for a run. You helped me put my four day break into perspective.

    Oh, and the floors could do with a good wash.

  6. Those catlets are almost CATS. They are so shiny!
    What cat where?? Nice flowers.
    So sorry for misspelling your name more than once, too!
    There must be a little hole in the a/o box in my brain!

  7. Oh I love your kittens. I would like one for myself, how long could I keep it hidden from my husband?

  8. What is it about black cats that they can just merge with things? We will look all over the house with a bright torch for Topsy, and will be convinced that she has slipped outside, when she will suddenly appear, strolling from the other end of the house as if to say "I was there all the time, you know".

  9. My gosh, I was right there....

    I didnt quite realise, being as I am a bit slow catching on sometimes, that i was possibly subjecting certain persons to sneezings. Dear me, sorry, you two. I am also sorry I missed you both, though the cats probably aren't.

    Degree courses: Sirius: Medecine
    Cassie: Ancient History.

    Post graduate degrees, we shall have to think about further.