Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Work work work and a birthday

Life is going through one of those periods when I hurtle from day to day with never a spare moment, just trying to get through all that needs to be done each day before falling into bed and getting up for the next one.

Last weekend I took Friday off work (which isn’t as good as it sounds, because Friday is the day I have most of my preparation time at work so it made the rest of the week rather packed with activity) and Daughter 2, my mother and I went down to my brother’s 60th birthday party.

The catlets helped Daughter 2 to pack. Can you see me in one of the pictures on her wall? Bottom row, middle picture, turquoise shirt.

My brother lives in Epsom, south of London, so it’s quite a long trip for my 85-year-old mum. It was nice, but rather tiring (we spent most of Saturday preparing food, socialised all evening and then did dishes till 10 to 2 am on Sunday morning). It was good to see my brother and sister-in-law and nephew and niece – both lovely young people. My niece graduated from Cambridge in the summer and my nephew has just started there and seemed very enthusiastic about his course, which is good because although clever, he's a bit disorganised and we're not all that convinced that he'll get round to doing as much work as he should. He definitely seems to be doing a bit of partying, judging by glimpses I've had of his Facebook page.
How wonderful to be starting university: the best time of one’s life, or at least one of the best.

However, I'm quite looking forward to being 60, personally, because I will quite possibly retire then. How blissful it would be to have some time to oneself.
Edited to add (re some comments) - ok, I'll be more specific. I'm the shortish, darkish person in the turquoise shirt between the lady in the hat (my sister-in-law) and the tall man (my husband).


  1. So did you pack the cats? Because they clearly wanted to go! And I wholeheartedly agree - I wish I could go back to University and do it properly this time (less time playing pool and drinking coffee, less last-minute cramming at 4am and more taking advantage of all the opportunities I ignored in favour of the pool-and-coffee combo). Student life is just wasted on students!!

  2. Love the photos of the cats making sure everything fits in the case and in the drawer.

  3. I just love the way your Catlets do things in pairs!!
    Turquoise shirt...and the large sunhat?
    Tis the time for 60th birthdays...mine is next April, but the way my job hunting is NOT going, I think I'll be forced to retire before then :-(

  4. I clicked on the photo and even with a MAGNIFYING glass, could not really see you! This is teasing in the worst way! Yes, I agree, it would be good to go back and redo university now, with the wisdom time has given me. University can be wasted on the young! Just think fo all the things we will get to do when we retire. Oh, I love dreams....

  5. When I had cats I always thought it was funny that they wanted to get into anything I opened -- drawers, dryer, dishwasher, cupboards -- they just so curious! The dog is utterly unimaginative and just wants to sit in front of the heat register!

  6. I think there are about six people in that photo who could roughly be described as wearing a turquoise or blue shirt. Granted, some of them are obviously not you, even to those who don't know what you look like...

    I hesitate to give specific directions without authorisation, but she isn't the one in the hat.

  7. Lovely pics of the Catlets.
    You tricky person, teasing us like that.
    It it nice to dream of retiring, & I can say, reality is nice too!

  8. What is it about suitcases that cats love?

    Whenever my sister visits from interstate, she barely gets her bag down on the floor before my cat is climbing onto it and falling asleep!

    Happy birthday to brother!

  9. The catlets are so funny -- they love each other! Do they play a lot? Are you the one in the sunhat? Good for you id you can retire at 60 -- I figure I'll have to work until I'm dead. ;-) Sounds like you had a good trip!

  10. Oh you tease...I also did the double-click magnifying thing. Even when I squinted I couldn't make out any features.

    Those cats are trouble I tells ya...

  11. No, I'm not the one in the hat.

    I do have features, honestly. The usual number.

  12. Very teasing indeed, I remain with no impression of what you look like at all.
    I would like to go back and actually study again, with the experience to appreciate it.

  13. See... I am not the only one!

  14. I loved university and that feeling that the whole world lay at your feet and that you had such a long time ahead of you to enjoy everything! Hope the cats did a good job packing for you!
    Kim x

  15. I'm glad you added the update because I looked at that photo and thought 'But they're ALL wearing turquoise shirts!'


    Love the helpful catlets.