Wednesday, February 20, 2008

After I'd done the ironing...

... and gone out of the room with the ironed clothes, leaving the water jug (for the iron) on the ironing table...

... our son...

...and the cats...

...had fun with the jug...

...and our daughter took some photos. With my camera.
We drink water out of this jug at mealtimes.
We've given it a good wash.
Edited to add:
Ok, Gina. I take your point. I mean that we pour water out of this jug (or pitcher) into glasses and then drink the water. Mind you, maybe the cats' way is the way to go... But I think my head is too big.


  1. I've enjoyed your blog immensely for several months now - thought I should stop lurking and comment. I did have to laugh at these pictures. We have 4 cats (2 planned, 2 "acquired"), all of whom happily steal water from any cup, jug, inoffensive plant, etc; however, one in particular, (my son's Abyssinian), delights in ever so gently reaching a paw into the container of water and tipping it to spill as far as she can make it! Then she shakes her paws at you and whinges because she has wet feet!

  2. Those cats have so much personality! I just love them!

  3. It's funny how two little bundles of fluff can add so much liveliness to a household.

    I wouldn't worry about the pitcher. It just got basted in kitty cooties is all.

  4. Cats and water!!! I caught one of mine licking out the breakfast bowls the other day when I turned round to do the washing up - yuk!!!
    One of our cats waits for you to fill her water bowl and then she knocks it over, again and again. Her sister must be permanently dehydrated.

  5. Hmmmm, it seems that the children haven't learned that the fine art leaving their indiscretions undocumented. You'd have never known without the photographic evidence! At least the catlets will drink standing water -- TheEmptyNestChild seems to think he can only drink water streaming from a tap. I'm amazed at how big the catlets are these days!

  6. My cat insists on a drink of water out of my glass every morning.
    At least I have my drink first.

  7. Maybe it's safer to drink straight from the tap now...

  8. We have no cats so can enjoy the antics of yours from afar. Thanks.

  9. You "drink water out of this jug at mealtimes". You do? Like the catlets?? Not actually from a glass???

  10. I've actually written a kid's story about cats and water - not published, though. Cute.

  11. For a moment there, I thought Meghs might be from Salford!!?